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There are 49 cardio machines, over 8,000 pounds of free weights and about 15 pieces of strength training equipment occupying the RecPlex at Fairfield University. But those numbers may increase heavily in the near future.

Currently, the school wishes to construct an 11,000 square-foot addition to the 32-year-old Recreational Complex, adding a second floor to house even more exercise equipment and space for over 4,500 students, according to attorney John Fallon.

“I actually went for the first time about a week ago and almost all the machines were taken”, said Brian Gilligan, class of 2014. “A bigger space would be great, and [one of] the weight room[s] shouldn’t be [a] tiny box. Once the RecPlex is redone, I feel like I will be motivated to stay on campus and go to our gym more often.”

Renovations to the lobby, locker rooms, cardio-fitness workout area and weight rooms would take place, in addition to an increase in security appearance. There is also a plan to build a new jogging track along the perimeter of the field house.

At this time, the two fitness centers on campus are the Quick Recreation Complex and the Walsh Athletic Center, the latter of which is strictly for athletes participating in Fairfield University sports.

When asked to compare the Athletic Center with the RecPlex, field hockey member Shealyn Testa ‘14 mentioned the few times she has actually been to the RecPlex.  “The RecPlex does have more activities to utilize, such as the racquetball and more variety of machines,” she said.

However, she added, “the interior and equipment seem a little outdated, and it seems very tightly put together”, citing the small place as a source of discomfort when working out at the RecPlex.

The Walsh Athletic Center was built in 1995 and had renovations done in 1998, adding an academic center for the varsity athletes, weight and fitness rooms, a practice basketball court and athletic offices.  The RecPlex was built in 1979. The last time renovations took place remains unknown.

A committee that includes faculty members and student input from the FUSA student Senate has been working on the plan for the RecPlex.  Students are asked what changes they would like to see in the new RecPlex, and the feedback is then passed onto the committee.

“The University is in the process of collecting funds for possible renovations, and they want to better fit the students needs” says Sam Maxfield, Chair of the Academic Committee and 2014 class senator. “Some objectives are to make the gym more visible from the road, new equipment, and fix it up to better suit the students needs”.

A Town Plan and Zoning Commission took place on Tuesday, Jan. 10th to propose an addition to the Quick Recreation Complex.

The RecPlex renovations status remains unannounced, but the project is predicted to start sometime after the summer.

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