With the start of the new semester, Fairfield reopened the popular student lounge area known as the Mezzanine. Renovated with five new TVs with AirPlay connectivity, new couches and an overall new feel, the Mezz has transformed into a hotspot for student involvement and relaxation. 

Located conveniently next to SushiDo and Dunkin’ Donuts, the Mezz creates the perfect environment for students to work, socialize and relax. As one of the key people involved with the renovation, Karen Donoghue, the vice president of student engagement expressed her enthusiasm for the results and the overall student experience.

“The Mezz in the campus center has become a very popular place for students to hang out with a cup of coffee, study between classes or play video games on a Friday night,” said Donoghue.

She also explained that the new student space was the result of a “partnership” between the Fairfield University Student Association and the Facilities Management Department of the university.

“We renovated the space to increase square footage while investing in a new look with furniture, paint and carpet to enhance the student experience,” said the former Fairfield alum. “New technology was added throughout the space, and the fireplace is a fun addition when winter weather is upon us! I look forward to seeing our students continue to use this beautiful space.”

With the new furniture that Donoghue promoted, the new student space provides students with a cleaner and cozy look. 

Junior student Kaitlyn Conroy testifies and agrees that the new Mezz renovation was a necessary and beneficial addition. 

“I definitely go to the Mezz more than last year. The televisions and new colors make it a better place for students to hang out or do work. The Mezz is definitely more welcoming.”

The space features a fireplace, new couches, tables and chairs that allow for enhanced student comfort while spending time in the Mezz. New technology creates a modern learning space that is necessary for modern Jesuit education. 

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