Students returned to campus to discover that a beloved policy was slowly being phased out by the administration. The Stag Café had previously accepted meal swipes between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays and was a popular lunch option for students. However, first-year students are now being excluded from this tradition.

In order to get lunch from The Stag, first-years have to either use their dining dollars or pay with cash. This policy does not apply to upperclassmen, who are able to still use a meal swipe.

This inequality has been noticed by some first-year students.

“If everyone is paying for the same meal plan, why doesn’t everyone get to use it,” explained Kevin Maguire ‘22.  

Some upperclassmen believe it is a good policy. “It reduces the clutter at the Stag,” said Gabriel Matos ‘21.

Jim Fitzpatrick ‘70, assistant vice president of administration and student affairs, explained that the lunchtime meal swipe policy was only meant to be temporary. It’s purpose was to ease congestion of student traffic while The Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons was under construction.

Fitzpatrick elaborated that since construction of The Tully has been completed there is no longer a need for students to use a meal swipe at The Stag.

Another change to the meal swipe policy this year is the addition of late night meal swipe hours. Between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. all meal-plan holders, including first-year students, can use a meal swipe at The Stag.

Fitzpatrick explained that only a small number of students stay in the Tully after 8.p.m., so instead of keeping the dining open till 10.p.m. the administration decided to create the new meal swipe hours for students who have late classes or for other reasons.  


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