On Saturday, Oct. 2, the Fairfield University club hockey team hosted and participated in their fourth annual Mathew R. Tobin Soap Hockey Tournament.

The event took place from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the lawn between Townhouse Blocks 3 and 6.

The Mathew R. Tobin Soap Hockey Tournament is hosted to support a cause started by a Fairfield alumni, Nick Lanni who graduated in 2018. He was a goalie who created the idea of soap hockey to raise money in support of his cousin who passed away from cancer.

Senior captain Mark Vaughan credits Nick Lanni who “was the mastermind behind the idea of soap hockey and it has really turned into an ongoing tradition that people look forward to every year.”

This has been an ongoing tradition at Fairfield, but it did not occur last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, this year students came out to the townhouses and gave positive feedback in regards to the event.

Junior Caroline McConville stated, “I am so happy we all came together since this event didn’t get a chance to happen last year, and be there to support a great cause.”

Likewise, Jacalyn Pugliese ‘23 felt a similar sentiment, calling soap hockey “one of the best events I have attended on Fairfield’s campus!”

Pugliese continues, “the energy was incredible and the way our campus community was brought together for such a good cause was amazing!”

Junior Catherine Robinson compared the event to, “Christmas morning,” continuing to say that “the fact it was for a good cause made it so special.”

Participants consisted of 16 five-person teams in a bracket style double elimination tournament.

Moreso, there was additional fundraising at the event where t-shirts and bracelets were sold to students and other attendees. There was an entrance fee for each person on the soap hockey teams that was put towards the cause as well. 

Players from every grade participated in the tournament, and some alumni even came back to play as well.

Junior Carlton Lee spoke at the beginning of the day saying “I’m excited to play with my teammates and get at it with the boys for a good cause.” 

Similarly, Owen Lacourciere ‘23 reflected on the event saying, “the team had a great day after our first win the night before. [There was an] excellent turnout for the event and lots of fundraising for a great cause.”

Senior Dominic Robidoux emphasized his excitement to participate.

“I do it for the kids who never got a chance,” he said.

After a few hours of playing, the last game consisted of five alumni players and the winners of the tournament: Devin Kelley ‘22, Cameron Daly ‘22, Danny Shea ‘22, and Brendan Cullen ‘25.

The winners spoke on behalf of the day and their success in the tournament.

Daly stated, “I just like to pay it forward and get the dub.”

Additionally, Kelley shouted out that “Dan Shea was instrumental to the success of the game” and continued to mention that it was “a great day for a great cause.”

The hockey players said that overall, the event was a success.

Senior captain Jack Stanton shared his feelings about the event.

“People look forward to this event every single year and to have the turnout that we did speaks to the impact it has on everyone involved.”
The men’s club hockey team had their home opener on Oct. 2 with a 5-0 shutout against Southern Connecticut University, and the rest of their schedule can be found on @FairfieldHockey on Instagram.

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