Fairfield Police and Fire Department and the Department of Public Safety responded to a fire alarm late last evening caused by a student who lit his schoolwork on fire in his apartment bathroom.

Junior Spencer Higgins, a resident of 51 McInnes Road, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and reckless burning, according to Fairfield Police.

According to John Ritchie, assistant director of public safety, Higgins said he was burning his homework in his private bathroom because he had finished classes and was relieved to be done with the school year.

The fire created a substantial amount of smoke which caused a strong odor to permeate the second floor of 51 McInnes Road, said Ritchie. He said the smoke triggered a fire alarm and caused a full building evacuation at around 8:30 p.m. However, several students who were in McInnes at the time said they were not evacuated and didn’t hear an alarm at all.

Higgins’s roommates were offered alternative housing by Residence Life because of the smell of the smoke.

According to Ritchie, there were no injuries and Higgins was also referred to student conduct.

Higgins was released from jail on a promise to appear in court.

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