Cupcakes for Life, a movement designed by anti-abortion groups, has designated Oct. 9 National Pro-Life Cupcake Day in the U.S. for the purpose of celebrating life and remembering unborn children. According to their website, the aim of National Pro-Life Cupcake Day is to “stand up for life with an approach that opens the door for conversation and education in a loving, warm, non-hostile way” while also commemorating the birthdays of unborn babies lost to abortions. On Thursday, Oct. 9, the Students for Life club at Fairfield will be joining in this mission.

Students for Life, a student anti-abortion organization, will be selling cupcakes this Thursday for $1 at a table near the Barone Campus Center Information Desk. All of the money that is collected will be donated to the Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The funds will be used to provide young and disadvantaged mothers with the assistance they need to take care of their born or unborn children. This assistance will come in the form of pre-natal ultrasounds, OB-GYN referrals, survival baskets for the first few weeks of life and support for pregnant and parenting women trying to escape any form of abusive relationship.

This event was held last year as well, but the cause is slightly different. Last year, proceeds went to funding for a student trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the March for Life, an annual demonstration that has taken place since 1973 to bring awareness to abortion and the anti-abortion movement.

Vice President of Students for Life Brianna Cocuzzo ‘17 will be in charge of the event while the group’s president is studying abroad. “We will be baking in campus ministry on Wednesday night from 5-9 p.m., and selling Thursday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.”

Junior Anthony Iorio, secretary for Students for Life, spoke about the event: “We are always excited about exploring the most effective ways to let proceeds that are generously donated make the most impact.”

Iorio proceeded to explain that the group thinks that, “donating the money to Hopeline will be a good way to allocate funds raised from this event. [They] are an invaluable resource for many women in a crisis pregnancy in this area, and we have seen firsthand the important work that they do in assisting these women with financial, moral, adoption and post-pregnancy services. Their team of registered nurses and healthcare professionals are the best in the area, and we are proud to support them in their life-changing efforts.”

Last year, Students for Life took part in an event sponsored by the Students for Life of America, which many viewed as highly controversial. The event included a field of 915 pink crosses placed in rows on the BCC green to indicate the 915 abortions that happen in the United States every day. Many students dubbed this the “baby graveyard.”

Many students were outraged last year at this display, regarding it as offensive and inappropriate. Students Michael LeBoeuf and Riley Barrett spoke out against this event in a letter to the Fairfield Mirror last year, saying “This display [was] offensive in appearance, [and] insensitive toward any woman who has had to undergo an abortion procedure, quite frankly, it’s an affront to all women.”

Iorio explained, “As for last year, a lot of people got upset about seeing crosses made by women that had an abortion and later regretted it. There were also signs that directly called out Planned Parenthood on their deceptive practices. A lot of the folks who were upset about the whole ordeal were impassioned pro-choice supporters, many of whom didn’t even show up to the event. I wrote a response to their unfounded accusations in the Mirror [published online].”

Iorio continued, “Unfortunately there will always be someone to take offense to something, so while we will take into account the feedback we received …we remain undeterred in our efforts to disseminate accurate, helpful information.”

Students voiced their opinions on National Pro-Life Cupcake Day. “I feel that it is an appropriate way to deal with raising awareness. It is a very ‘touchy’ subject and selling cupcakes is approachable and helps raise awareness on a sensitive matter,” Nikki Seiler ‘19 said.

The cupcakes will be available for sale at the BCC info desk starting the morning of Thursday, Oct. 8. Students for Life members will be available to answer any questions regarding the fundraiser.

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