The results are in: Spencer Thibodeau ’10 and Jeffrey Seiser ’10 will advance to the FUSA election on Feb. 26 after winning Wednesday night’s presidential primary.

Seiser, the current sophomore class president, beat Thibodeau in every grade except his own, in which Thibodeau won 215 votes to Seiser’s 75.

A total number of 745 votes were counted in the primary, which was 74 more votes then the previous uncontested presidential election, which current president Hutch Williams ’08 won last year.

Only a few friends of the candidates gathered Wednesday night, along with the much larger crowd in the Barone Campus Center that chose to participate in the Guitar Hero event.

Williams was nowhere to be seen – a rarity since taking office the last two years – and candidates Seiser and Steve Liguori ’09 did not know his whereabouts.

The results were announced less than an hour after the polls closed.

Thibodeau was clearly pleased with the outcome.

“I am so happy that I have a chance to seek the FUSA presidential election,” he said.

As to what he plans to do to ensure a presidential win Thibodeau said, “We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing.”

Although Seiser was happy with his advancement, he was clearly bothered by the 2010 class numbers saying.

“I need to call on the members of my class who have elected me twice,” he said.

After the results were announced Liguori said he would now endorse Seiser for president and would be running for chairman of the senate.

Jacqueline Mylroie ’09 left following the result announcement and did not comment on whom she would be endorsing.

Those in attendance seemed to be in support of Seiser, such as Pat LaRiviere ’11.

“I think he’s done a lot of good things for his class,” he said.

Marie Collins ’11 also stated that she would be voting for Seiser.

“I’ve had all the candidates come to my door and he was the most convincing,” said Collins.

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