Prior safety measures set in light of COVID-19 have been lifted this summer for prospective students and their guests, according to Fairfield University’s Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission, Hattie Briggs. 

This summer, the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Fairfield University has returned to conducting in-person interviews for prospective students, as well as allowing for visitors to enter inside of the residence halls during their campus tours. 

Although in-person interviews have returned, Briggs states that virtual alternatives remain. Scheduling of virtual interviews can be done on their website or by emailing

As part of her role within the office, Briggs manages the tour ambassadors, work study students and summer interns. This year, the office has employed 11 undergraduate student-interns to assist in welcoming prospective students to campus from June 1 to Aug. 12. 

Summer interns are tasked with serving as tour guides, assisting in information sessions and helping faculty to prepare for the fall programs. Part of their efforts have been to decorate the residence-hall rooms, which are displayed for visitors on their campus tours in order to present a better visual of what their future living space may look like. 

“During the school year we weren’t able to show any residence halls because of COVID protocols,” says summer intern Caitlin Murphy ‘24, “but now we finally can show students what their rooms will look like, which is super exciting!”

Admission staff and student-faculty work together to accomplish their goals in welcoming prospective students to campus and assisting them along in their college transition. 

“Our students are full of energy, passion and creativity…they bring such good ideas and initiative to our office,” says Briggs.

Margaret Morrell, an admissions counselor at Fairfield University, echoes Briggs’ positive experience with the interns saying, “I love working with our student-staff members!”

Briggs states that tours are being offered for prospective students four times a day during five days of the week until August 12. 

“We’re off to a strong start already, but our visits really pick up from mid-July to mid-August,” says Briggs. 

“You can expect to see big groups of visitors braving the summer heat to check out our campus; luckily, it’s extra beautiful this time of year!,” she continues. 

In addition to student-led campus tours, prospective students and their families are welcome to partake in information sessions that are facilitated by an admission staff member and student. 

Another available option that the office is currently offering through their Multicultural Visit Program is the “Get Ready for College Series,” which is a three-day, virtual program for underrepresented students. The program runs from July 18 to July 20. Students will be given the opportunity to work in small groups with admission counselors, meet with other students and have any further questions answered. 

The Office of Undergraduate Admission is excited to welcome new Stags to Fairfield University this summer.

“This year, the summer interns are more excited than ever to welcome prospective families into stag country. Whether it be through presenting information sessions, leading students around campus, or by creating iconic Fairfield-related instagram reels, the interns are working hard to make every family’s visit a welcoming and vibrant experience,” says summer intern, Megan Murphy ‘

Managing Editor Tommy Coppola works in the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Ambassador and therefore did not read, edit, or have any part of this article before publication. 


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