The Netherlands: According to The Guardian, The Netherlands is starting to become a “narco-state,” where the police are becoming increasingly unable to combat the emergence of a parallel criminal economy. Crime, as a whole, as per official figures, is on a downward trend, but the Dutch police noted that many victims have ceased reporting incidents while organized crime organizations have been allowed to have free reign.

Berlin, Germany: The Telegraph reported on Tuesday, Feb. 20, that a dog from Spain has been signed up as a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which is currently holding a poll on whether or not the party should join a coalition under Chancellor Angela Merkel. One of Germany’s newspapers, Bild, admitted on Tuesday that they had tricked the SPD into signing the dog up to test the party’s identity checking procedures.

Washington D.C: Sky News reported on Tuesday, Feb. 20, a Russian tycoon’s son-in-law, Dutch lawyer Alex Van Der Zwaan, 33, claimed that he misled US Special Counsel Robert Mueller about his communications with political consultant and lobbyist Rick Gates during their investigation regarding the Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

Seoul, South Korea: According to Reuters, South Korea is expected to announce a joint military drill plan with the United States before April. North Korea had agreed to hold official talks with Seoul for the first time in more than two years following the postponement of regular drills.

Sao Paulo, Brazil: According to the Huffington Post, Brazil’s military is taking over security in Rio De Janeiro, which is likely to worsen the experience of poor residents who are already subject to most of Rio’s worse violence. The decision was made on Friday, Feb. 16 by the Brazilian President Michel Temer.

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