Picture this; you are sitting on your couch in your matching holiday pajama set, trying to figure out which Christmas movie to watch. There are cookies in the oven and it is snowing outside, all while the soothing voice of Michael Bublé plays in the background. Now, tell me that what I just described doesn’t sound like the perfect night? There are so many things that make the holidays special but there is something about the music of the Christmas season that brings it all together like nothing else. 

Now, before we get too deep into this article it is important to make it clear that I am a total Christmas fanatic. I love the holiday season, and everything about it. I will begin celebrating on Nov. 1, having no problem skipping right over Thanksgiving and Halloween, and I won’t stop listening to Christmas music until early February. However, even though I know that I may be a little Christmas crazy, there is still no denying that one of the great unifiers of the world is that everyone likes holiday music. There is no other form of music that compares, and no other holiday like Halloween has the same kind of magical tunes! 

Christmas music also represents a large genre of music, that while remaining based in the classics, grows and changes every year. When you talk about other seasonal music, things remain pretty stagnant and there is not nearly the same amount of broad options available. Even just last year, I was able to find so many new songs to love and listen to along with my favorites. There are so many amazing Christmas songs in every style and by so many different artists that there is always something for each listener to love. Christmas music as a genre allows for so much enjoyment from so many different kinds of people! 

Christmas music also has the leg up of having an entire genre based around that kind of music, not just songs that can maybe be argued to be in that genre. There are only a handful of songs that can be said to be written with the sole purpose of being Halloween songs. When you talk about something like Halloween music, there is nothing like the many many songs of Christmas music to compare it to.

Every year when the holidays roll around, listeners are drawn to both Christmas classics and all the new songs that come out each year. There are so many reasons that make Christmas music so great but one that stands out the most is the idea of the nostalgia created by listening to these songs. These songs are focused on things like being reunited with family, or childlike joy and that allows people a level of peaceful escape from everyday life. Halloween music doesn’t allow for the same feeling of nostalgia because there are not nearly as many memories around these songs. Most music that we listen to doesn’t have the same effect on us, because it doesn’t have that same feeling of safety and comfort. 

In addition to this, so many people have memories associated with Christmas songs that make them even more special. When you hear a song that makes you remember a particular Christmas eve party or decorating your tree, of course it is going to make you happy and enjoy reliving that moment. This is a part of what makes Christmas music so unique and special in comparison to all other kinds of music, especially Halloween themed music. 

So, I don’t know about you, but I will be counting down the days until I can blast holiday tunes on my way to do some holiday shopping!  

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