I have a turbo every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and after this class, I sit in my dorm for hours doing homework. I am always in need of a pick-me-up from either the Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks that are on campus, but I always encounter a predicament—they are both closed! Now, why can’t they be open until 8 p.m., just like the Tully or 9 p.m., like the Stag Diner? I believe that they should stay open later because many students have classes during the day and always have to rush to get their coffee before they close. 

Also, some students like me often don’t like the options that the Tully offers that day for breakfast/lunch and like to grab food from Dunkin’ or Starbucks. Especially during midterms and finals week, though they extend the hours beyond their normal times, they should stay open later into the night because a lot of students stay at the library late. If they were open later, they would get more business than usual! First-year Ashley Lawrence states, “I think all of them should be open later. They’re more in the mood for pick-me-ups later in the day.” I agree because some people aren’t in the mood for a coffee in the morning and more so in the evening! With the luxury of only having these two places open on our campus that has more of a variety for breakfast and lunch, extra time is essential. 

Living away from home was a big adjustment for me since I live about an hour and a half to two hours away from here. Where I am from in New Jersey, I am close to malls, Shoprite, Target, etc. I have all the necessities right there instead of having to spend a $13 Uber to and back from a store or clearing my schedule to hop on the Stag Bus. My mom mails me some things from Amazon or home to help me so I don’t need to spend money on Uber. However, I encounter the same predicament that I enter with Starbucks and Dunkin’, which is that the mailroom is closed when I am finally done with my busy day of classes! 

The mailroom should be open later, too! The mailroom opens up from 9:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. These hours are ridiculous because many students are in labs, have turbos or have little time between classes to grab their packages and go back to their dorm to put them away and go back to class, so they have to wait for the next day. They should be open Saturday and Sunday because my parents mailed me something for Valentine’s Day, and it came on Saturday, the weekend before Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t able to get it until Monday morning! If they can’t accommodate this time solution, I think they should make more lockers or make the lockers bigger because half of the time, I am at the mailroom to pick up a package that is too big for the locker. If the mailroom were open on weekends, it would help a lot of people out. 

Overall, having the luxury of having our own Dunkin, Starbucks and Mailroom gives many students the feeling that they are back home, but I feel these hours should change to accommodate our Fairfield student’s busy schedules! 

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