I absolutely love Dunkin Donuts coffee. They must put some sort of extra caffeine in the grinds because that stuff can keep you going for hours and hours on end. Not to mention that their donuts are killer—killer not only to eat, but also to your once-thin waistline.

Dunkin Donuts is the best place for coffee and donuts, but I’d pass on the bagels. Not for nothing, but I pay to have my cream cheese put on my bagels for me. It really aggravates me when I get into the car to find the person behind the counter gave me a plain bagel with a container of cream cheese on the side. And yes, I’m biased; I think that nothing compares to a New York bagel.

Believe it or not, not all the Dunkin Donuts in Fairfield County are the same. There’s a store in Bridgeport that’s open 24 hours, but I never get my coffee the way I like it there. It always tastes a little off—who knows why. I don’t think it’s worth driving all the way there just to get a coffee late at night. The only good thing about the Bridgeport location is that it has a drive-thru window for all those lazy students.

There is another Dunkin Donuts located in Shelton, and they NEVER put the jelly or cream cheese on my bagel, so they’re on my blacklist. Yeah, I’ve pretty much been to every Dunkin Donuts there is.

The best part of going to Dunkin as opposed to Starbucks or any other coffee house is that it has the best prices around and the biggest selection. They have everything from hot to cold coffee, flavored coffee, and their signature coffee creations. You’re not going to have to spend $5 for a cup of coffee here. Dunkin fits into the average college student’s budget.

Their new thing? “Box of Joe,” which is literally a box that can hold 10 cups of small coffee, keeps it warm, and is so convenient during a time like finals, when you can get a bunch of friends to chip in for a box.

If you’re going to go to a Dunkin Donuts, go to the one in Fairfield next to Duchess. It just re-opened, it’s spacious and it’s tidy. It’s also only 5 minutes from school, and open 24 hours. Who could ask for anything more?


Dunkin Donuts of Fairfield

Black Rock Tpke…Across from Shaws; Post Road… next to Duchess

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