This week I decided to comment on the Kiosk, more commonly known as the coffee counters here at Fairfield University. These counters are best known for their great Green Mountain Coffee (yes, that was sarcasm) and their great prices (more sarcasm). There are counters located in the café at Nysellus Library, the Dolan School of Business, and the ground floor of Canisius.

For those students who don’t have cars, the only way to get a cup of coffee is to go to the counters. We all know that the Green Mountain Coffee kind of, well, sucks, for lack of a better word. The university finally started to catch on, and for those of you who haven’t noticed, Starbucks coffee is being introduced. If we’re lucky, they’ll stick to that move because Green Mountain fails to keep me awake in the morning.

The bagels can be used as hockey pucks. First of all, who can get those plastic knives to cut through their bagel? I’m sure there are some whose biggest pet peeve is looking at people in class dip their bagels into the tiny containers of cream cheese. But what can you do? There’s no other way to eat them.

I wonder why I never have any Stag bucks left by the end of every semester. The prices are ridiculous. When you go to Barone, the cost of an all-you-can eat meal there is $5.00, more or less. That’s the same price for a little sandwich at the Kiosk. The sandwiches aren’t too bad, but what is up with the “cheese and cracker” container? That and the “shrimp salad wrap” leave much to be desired.

The only really good things about the counters are that if you are starving and are pressed for time, you can grab a little something to eat in class. You can also grab something to eat in your room (we’re well aware of the fact that if you take even a slice of bread from Barrone; the staff gets irate).

There is a counter located in the library which proves to be very convenient, if nothing else, when you’re studying late. If you have an early class, the surest way of staying awake is to munch on something-if your professor lets you. I’ve been called out a bunch of times for having a drink in class. Relax professor; “food is fuel for our mind.” They taught us that in kindergarten.

So basically, the only time it’s practical to go to the counters is when you’re running late to a class. Other than that it’s a real drain of your Stag bucks. You’re much better off going to the Stag or Barone if you have the time to sit and eat.

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