As a senior living off-campus, I never realized how much I relied on my meal plan to get me through each day. 

I sound dramatic when I say this, but I miss the convenience of the Tully dearly.

Now that I am a senior off-campus, there really isn’t a point in me having a meal plan with meal swipes. Commuting to campus is a piece of cake, and I’d like to think I’m a pretty decent chef—but finding the time to make an actually good meal in between courses is not something I have found easy about the adjustment to living off-campus. 

The Tully is centrally located on campus and is very easily accessible from any area; whether you’re coming back from class in the Dolan School of Business or live on the Quad, it is a short five-minute walk to our dining hall. 

I never realized how much time the Tully actually saved me in this way. When you factor in the commute on top of the time to make some food, the time adds up. 

I also miss the food itself. Like I said, I like to think of myself as a pretty decent cook; I like to follow recipes and venture out of my comfort zone with what I am making myself. But I tend to buy some of the same, easy-to-make things from the grocery store that I know will help me sneak in a meal in a pinch. 

The food in the Tully is always great. They always have so many options, so not only was I able to work healthy foods into my diet, but it was also so quick and easy. If I were to make myself the same meal at home, it would take me a good hour on top of washing all the dishes that I used. 

I will admit that the StagBucks go an extremely long way. I still can eat up in the Tully if I pay the price with dining dollars or StagBucks, but I find that sometimes the cost seems too much. The Stag, Levee or even Dunkin are places where I can get a small bite to eat for less, so I look to save my extra dollars wherever I can. 

As a tour ambassador, I find myself up in the Tully around twice a week; of course, I am only there to walk prospective families through so they can see all the great options, but I don’t get to eat in it. So, twice a week, I am reminded of exactly what I am missing out on. 

The workers in the Tully are always kind and helpful, which is just another part of the experience I wish I could have back regularly. 

As a busy student, I suppose that the time management skills I’m teaching myself are a valuable life lesson, but at the same time, the convenience of the Tully cannot be unmatched. I believe that I took the Tully for granted over my first three years here at Fairfield, and I’m just now realizing how much I miss it. 

To the first and second-year students at Fairfield University, don’t take your time in the Tully for granted. Cherish the dining hall as much as you can because later on, you will wish to have back the convenient experience it offers. 

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