Having been on break for so long has somewhat stunted our “campus life” perspective. However, there’s always the one event everyone is curious about when we return…New Year’s, and the year to come.

Students are scattered throughout the world on New Year’s Eve and it’s a night of big expectations. It is supposed to be a party that out does the chaos of the previous year. Something different on the 31st may include a concert, an open bar, a formal party, a last minute house party, a trip to the city, or even a quiet evening at home.

No matter what, we’re supposed to be celebrating the end of a past year and the beginning of a whole new one. With the presence of friends and liquor, however, most of us tend to lose sight of the true meaning of the celebration-and by “lose sight,” we mean that in the literal sense.

For those of us lucky enough to have found a bed, never mind the luxury of sleep that night, the next morning is a jolting reminder of the ridiculous resolution we made the night before. Resolutions tend to motivate us to do things we may have been too busy for last year, or any variety of steps towards personal improvement.

The latter is blatant in our own RecPlex. Our meager F.U. gym has transformed into a circus of frenzied co-eds, eager to shed pounds before Spring Break. Academically, students appear alert, attentive, and prepared to redeem themselves of last semester’s disappointments.

Whether your New Year’s was or wasn’t what you had expected, or if this semester looks drastically different for one reason or another, this was just a reminder that this is a new year. Given our young ages and where we are, we’ve been blessed with more opportunity for change and improvement. It’s important to positively promote self-growth and the growth of the community you are now a part of. We encourage you to make a difference in yourself and those around you.

Shout out: happy birthday boys

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