It is a bittersweet end for us seniors. We have spent our Tuesdays cooped inside an office in the lower level BCC for four years. We have worked on many stories for this paper and have met many people – students, faculty, staff and administration. We have seen the good and the bad at Fairfield. There’s no better way to learn about how Fairfield works than working at The Mirror.

As student-journalists, we have faced ethical decisions that most students might not encounter on this campus. We have had to decide between what is right and what is easy. We have had to report stories that we wish weren’t true. We have grown from these experiences and will take these lessons as we transition into out-of-school work. We consider experience at The Mirror worthy of pride and discussion with other students and future employers.

Over the years, we hear students and professors critique our paper and we welcome all comments. The need for dialogue and transparency is what puts us to work every week. We invite readers to submit letters to the editor and attend our weekly Monday and Thursday meetings. The best way to change something is to speak out and then get involved. We want to know how the newspaper can improve and best serve the campus community. Feel free to tweet or Facebook us. Send us an email at

The key to understanding how this organization works is a single word on the front page: Mirror. We are a student-run organization meant to reflect Fairfield University as it is. No touch-ups, no alterations, no lies. The Mirror tells the truth to our audience who might not always see the whole story. Again, if there is something that we are missing, we want to know.

We want to hear from every part of this Fairfield community because that is the only way that we can give you the best and most accurate information. Going forward, we hope to see more students take interest in the newspaper.

We wish the future staff the best as they strive to work on a paper that serves as a professional, but relevant outlet for voices in this community. We appreciate future student-journalists who enjoy and take pride in seeing their names in print, interviewing sometimes intimidating people and working hard every week to print a newspaper that makes a difference. Thank you for reading our newspaper.

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