The life of a journalist is never easy, but it should always be rewarding.

It is a job that requires constant work, but the payoff is a more informed society, a population able to make decisions for themselves.

However, during these crises in Ukraine and Crimea, we know that many honest reporters are being silenced under a “media authority” that The New York Times claimed was setting out to censor the Internet.

This puts things in perspective for us here at The Mirror.

When it gets to 3 a.m. on Wednesday mornings and we’re in the office stressing over deadline and workloads, we forget that we are lucky to be here.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to freely print fair and unbiased news, lucky to write our opinions down without fear of backlash from an authoritarian institution.

In this crucial time, we all need to be reminded that the things that burden us could be a privilege for other people.

It is our responsibility to exercise our inalienable rights, our First Amendment freedoms of speech, press and assembly, to raise our voice in support of those whose voices are being suppressed.

News now spreads faster than it ever has before. It is something that should work on our side in times of trouble for our fellow journalists and humans.

Anyone can receive or write news in 140 characters and share news stories with the click of a button. The spreading of news does not fall solely on the shoulders of the journalists. Everyone takes part.

Russia may attempt to cut the freedom of press in Crimea and for its own citizens in Russia, but the world does not have to stand idly by and do nothing about it.

Sitting in the office and complaining about the struggles of shortened sleeping time does not make this go away.

Taking pride in our work and taking advantage of the freedoms we have can make strides in opening the world’s eyes to what is happening.

Russia can try to silence its people, but we will speak for them, as we have spoken for our own community.

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