It’s been one year.

One year since America once again bonded together in the wake of another unspeakable tragedy that befell American citizens.

One year of preparing for the chance to show everyone that Boston Strong is not just a term for Bostonians, but for the whole of America to rally around.

Every person who ran among 35,660 racers this year did more than race for themselves or loved ones.

Each person took on the memory of someone who lost their life to the tragic events that took place one year ago.

Each step that was taken on the 26.2-mile course was more than just one step closer to the finish line.

It was one step for the 264 people who were injured at the finish line and would be unable to take that step in this race.

The police, firemen and everyday citizens that day were unquestionable heros on that day one year ago.

But so are these 35,660 people racing this year. They are doing what hundreds of thousands of Americans wish they could do for everyone affected by last year’s events.

We can get so wrapped up in the negatives that we forget that there are people out there fighting back against it.

For every story that harps on the perpetrator of a mass shooting in this country, it is not to be counted out that there were some who fought back.

They are not to be left out of the story, in fact they should be the headline.

With this event, the heroes made headlines. Every racer that lined up at the starting line is as big of a hero as the person who crossed the finish line first.

For anyone who thought that the event would tarnish American spirit, they would have been shocked at the events this year.

Around 23,000 runners raced on that day one year ago. This year, 13,000 more signed their names onto the list.

Do not ever count America out.

We will come back stronger than ever, and not with violence, but with solidarity to those that lost their lives over a still baffling display of savagery.

Boston, we are still here for you. The healing is a process that will never end. The 35,660 have put a bandage on the still seeping wound this act left. Fairfield sends you their thanks and admiration for lacing on your running shoes and taking those 138,336 steps to the finish line for all of us.

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