As the first half of the 2001-02 year has quickly reached its halfway point, The Mirror presents its highs and lows for the opening semester of what has already been an eventful and historic year, both at Fairfield and across the country.

*Congrats to the administration and all individuals whom contributed the creation of the new Barone Campus Center and Arena at Harbor Yard. These new buildings have catapulted Fairfield University to the top of our class. More importantly, while the construction delays might have been a bit annoying, most students are more than happy with the final results.

*Shame on the Board of Trustees for passing a new pay system that is not supported by the faculty. This pay system could place a rift between the faculty and administration, hurting the university in coming years. It is ignorant of the Board to not listen to the faculty, and we worry what implications this could have on student/board relations in the future.

*We would like to congratulate Sodexho on making the cafeteria and stag the tightest run ships on campus.

*We would also like to remind the stag that if they want to beat out McDonald’s, they need to lower their prices.

*Kudos to FUSA for finally organizing a concert that was well attended.

*On the other hand, shame on FUSA for entering a bargain with Sacred Heart that even Faust would shake his head at.

Only time will tell what is going to happen in the New Year, but we at The Mirror are crossing our fingers for a united beach community, safe Clam Jam, NCAA tournament berths and a non-rap spring concert.

Well, maybe at least a NCAA appearance.

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