Billie Eilish’s five big wins were the talk of the night at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards which were held on Sunday, Jan. 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Eilish’s wins made her the first woman in Grammy history to take home the Big Four awards: best album, best record and song of the year and best new artist. 

Eilish’s debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” won album of the year and she took home record and song of the year for her hit “Bad Guy.” Additionally, Eilish set several age-related records. 

At just 18 years old, Eilish is the youngest album of the year winner in Grammy history. However, Eilish clearly has not let her success get to her head. Before winning her fourth Grammy of the evening, Eilish was captured by the camera crew mouthing, “Please don’t be me,” and visibly shouted, “No” when it was revealed that she was the winner of the award, according to Insider.

Eilish’s humility and gratitude for her growing success and her fans are huge reasons why she is so popular as an artist. Furthermore, her “dark pop” music style coupled with her dreamy vocals allows her to connect with her fans while normalizing the feelings of depression and isolation that many teenagers experience at some point in time. 

As a fan of Eilish, I appreciate her laid-back style and the fact that looks are not all that important to her. Eilish’s IDGAF style often consists of baggy T-shirts, track suits and unique accessories.

According to Seventeen Magazine, Eilish has previously slammed critics for their negative comments on her fashion style and stated that she chooses to dress in this way to avoid being sexualized. It is obvious that Eilish is more focused on how her music reaches her audience than her outward appearance. 

In addition to Eilish’s quirky style and amazing singing/songwriting talent, according to NBC News, writer Rachel Simon argues that Eilish’s popularity is heavily linked to the fact that her success does not hinge on the failures of her peers. This statement is agreeable because even though Eilish is aware that she has become a “dark pop” sensation, she is not caught up in the competition. 

“Everybody’s always trying to make everybody compete,” Eilish told the Los Angeles Times last April. “They’re like, ‘Billie’s album might pass Ariana’s’… But just stop. I don’t care.” 

Rather than compete with other artists, Eilish is focused on supporting her fellow pop stars. For example, when Eilish was accepting her fourth award of the evening, she said that Ariana Grande deserved the award instead of her.

“‘Thank U Next’ got me through some s-, and I think it deserves this more than anything in the world,” Eilish stated during her acceptance speech.

Eilish truly took her humble attitude to new highs on her historic night of winning five Grammys. The teen sensation proved that her growing popularity has nothing to do with bringing others down and everything to do with her gratitude and respect for her fellow artists in the industry

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