When I was looking at schools, at almost every tour and on every virtual webinar, all the students were saying that they knew at first sight that that school was for them. The moment they toured, they knew they were going there, no questions asked. 

While their intentions were likely to make us more confident in the college, hearing that never made me feel good. I never walked onto a campus and left with complete confidence that I was going to spend my next four years there. Up until the last minute, I was set on going to a public university in Vermont that couldn’t be more different than Fairfield. I did have a “eureka” moment with that school, but it wasn’t because I was being offered the full package with a good mix of academics and social life. I just liked Vermont and I felt like I would fit in with the people that went there. 

When I was admitted to Fairfield however,  all of my plans were thrown off. I had never actually looked too much into the university before I applied, but as I went back to look, I realized that this school offered it all. There was a very successful English department which was nice to see as most of the colleges I applied to were predominantly nursing and other general STEM schools. 

Even better, Fairfield is an hour from New York, which is exactly where I plan on working after graduation. This would allow me to go into the city for potential internships and even to just go out on a weekend. On campus everyone seemed to be friendly with each other and I ended up reaching out to a friend that currently attends here and she reiterated that the social climate is nothing but welcoming and kind at Fairfield. 

At the other schools I applied to, I never really found the whole package. Either it was entirely academics and no social life or the opposite. Fairfield was the first school to present it all, so it should have been an easy decision, but since I had my heart set on the school in Vermont for several months, making this sharp turn in plans was more difficult than I expected. 

I kept making excuses like I didn’t know enough about Fairfield and that it was too late to change my mind. I want to be the first person to say that it is completely okay to take the leap and go where you know is right, no matter when you discovered it or if you already had plans for somewhere else. After my final visit, I got in the car and I knew I had to make the jump. I told my parents this is where I would be going and I do not regret my decision at all!

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