Every Tuesday and Thursday, I walk out of the RecPlex covered in sweat and with a bright red face. I adore the RecPlex spin classes, specifically with instructor Terre. When I first took her class last year, I became addicted to it. The energy that fills the spin room in the basement of the RecPlex is something I have never experienced before.

Spin classes at the Recplex are truly the best classes that they have to offer students and faculty. It not only is one of the most intense workouts you will ever have, but the atmosphere is like no other. Every spin instructor creates an ambiance in the room that makes you feel empowered. Terre turns all the overhead lighting off and has colorful disco lights that make you feel like you are at a fun disco party.

Classes also tend to have a theme that helps the instructor pick out the music for the ride. I recently went to one of Terre’s spin classes and the playlist was based on the anatomy of a relationship. It started with songs that describe the beginning of a relationship. I sang my way through the class. The last song, “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, had the whole room screaming the lyrics. Terre also just hosted a Beyoncé versus Rihanna ride which was electric. Working out is immensely better when the music is something you can sing and dance along to. This goes to show how much of a safe space these spin classes are. You can come in with whatever baggage you have and feel safe enough to be yourself whilst doing an intense workout. It’s easy to talk to your neighbors and encourage each other, which I think is very special and something that cannot be found in other RecPlex workout classes. 

I love the passion the instructors have while teaching. Going back to my favorite instructor Terre, during class she will come off the bike and sing and dance for us. She also is the most motivational person I have ever met. I have had a lot of coaches and teachers as I was an athlete growing up, and I have never felt so inspired and seen. She pushes us to our limits while also making us feel empowered and strong. Another instructor, Peter G, does an amazing job at motivating everyone. He is a great storyteller who helps distract the imminent pain that your legs feel. An instructor can make or break a class, and all the spin instructors at Fairfield University create a welcoming environment for all.

I cannot imagine a week where I didn’t go to a spin class at the RecPlex. It provides me with stability, discipline and a sense of accomplishment that I feel like other classes don’t give me. I feel so powerful whenever I finish a forty-five-minute cycle. I have tried other workout classes at the RecPlex, but nothing compares to spin classes. The community is unmatched by any workout class I have been to. 

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