There is a lot we can learn from the cast members of the hit show “The Real World.” They are individuals who dealt with the common issues of drinking and sex. The only difference between ordinary 20-something-year-olds and the cast of the MTV show is that their experiences were broadcasted to 2 million viewers.

This Wednesday, Colie Edison and Alex Smith from “The Real World: Denver” will be at the Quick Center giving inside information about reality television and tips for managing college life. The Mirror spoke to Colie about the show and life after Hurricane Katrina.

The Mirror: How did you get into the “Real World?”

Colie Edison: I was cast when I was evacuated from New Orleans during Katrina and went to Boston University for the semester. I was standing outside a bar, and I saw these people on line. I thought they were applying to work at the bar, but they were actually applying to go on the “Real World.”

TM: What was it like being at Tulane during Katrina?

CE: I think it touched all of our lives. Obviously, it changed my life dramatically. It was important that I graduated and went back down to New Orleans after the storm.

TM: What’s your fondest memory from the Real World?

CE: I loved the whole experience. My greatest memory was going to Thailand with all my roommates. Thailand is an amazing place and a beautiful country. Everyone should get a chance to go see it even though it’s expensive to get there.

TM: What brings you to Fairfield?

CE: We’re just giving a speech about behind the scenes, trivia stuff from “The Real World,” but we also touch on important topics affecting college campuses nationwide, including sexual promiscuity and safe, smart partying.

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