As we work on our final issue for orientation, we can’t help but think of our own orientation experiences. Although it was only one night away from home, it was scary to dive into the college experience. But we packed our bags, grabbed a pillow and joined in on our First Year Experience groups. We can remember the awkward icebreakers that brought nervous laughter among the incoming students and we will never forget the enthusiasm of our New Student Leaders. Their love for Fairfield University inspired us to feel the same kind of affection for our new home.

Though three years have passed since we were in your shoes, that childlike whimsy of meeting your future classmates still remains with us and continues to inspire as we grow into worldly young adults. Coming into this final issue, these emotions reemerge and allow us to ponder exactly how far we have come, and more importantly, how much we have left to go.

Although you may just be beginning your college journey, you’ve probably heard how quickly these four years fly by. Yet, this statement is accurate as in one blink, it seems as though four years have gone by in a matter of seconds.

We’re not here to lecture you about the tribulations of college life; rather, we are here to tell you that we too have survived and learned through trial and error regarding how to make the most of your college career.

So don’t be afraid to keep your door open or go out with that group of people you just met from down the hall, everyone is just as afraid of experiencing a whole new environment. Whether they want to admit it or not, every first-year is in the same boat. Wherever you go around campus presents an opportunity to meet new friends that will be your safety net as you go through the ups and downs of college life. Your new friends at Fairfield will become your second home.

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