It is wild to think that this is the final issue of The Fairfield Mirror that I will be a part of as a staff member. It feels like yesterday that in my News Writing course during the fall semester of my sophomore year, I would be inclined to try something new. I have always loved talking about sports and expressing my opinions on them, and when the previous editor-in-chief Molly Lamendola came to recruit writers, I was on board with lending The Mirror a hand.

Little did I know that the first few articles that I wrote (which were not my greatest by the way) earned me an invitation to apply for a position on staff by none other than Tommy Coppola. I received a text from him one night in January 2022 asking me to apply for a position on staff. Shortly thereafter, I applied. It was hands down one of the best decisions I ever made.

As one of the sports editors, I have covered practically every sport that the University has to offer, from rowing and basketball to golf, and have been able to write some fun, but boisterous professional sports articles, including ones about the NFL season with my colleague that I entered The Mirror with, Ryan Marquardt. I have been fortunate enough to do other fun things such as conducting interviews with Fairfield athletes and coaches. Those are things that you do not do every day.

What I will miss most about being a part of The Mirror are the excellent hardworking and genuine staff members that I have been so fortunate to work with. I have been fortunate to develop some great friendships here at The Mirror, and it has been an honor and privilege to work with all of you over the past two years. You all have been a lot of fun to be around and it was truly a joy being around some really, really good people.

In particular, I want to tip my hat off to Ryan. I could not have asked for a better colleague to have worked alongside for the past two years. Little did I know that two kids from the neighboring towns of Madison and Chatham, N.J. would find a way to coexist, but we did. I could not have done it without his support, and I know that he’s going to continue to do great things for the sports section going forward.

It is the ultimate honor to be a part of a team and be a part of something special and I am grateful for the opportunity that Tommy and the previous Ed Board staff gave me, and I will forever be grateful to them for that. To the future staff members who may be reading this, I cannot wait to see what you guys will do! I know you guys will continue to carry on the legacy of The Mirror and I wish you all the best in doing so!!


It is surreal to think that my three incredible years at The Fairfield Mirror are coming to an end. I remember the first time I walked into the office, a nervous sophomore seeking out writing opportunities but scared to share my writing. I wrote one article for The Vine. Then another. Then another. Until there was no question that I would be writing an article every week. I knew by the end of the semester that The Mirror was something I absolutely had to be a part of.  

Working for the Vine first as Assistant Editor and then as Head Vine Editor has been such an incredible opportunity for me. In the past three years of writing and editing for the Vine, I have grown so much as a writer and challenged myself creatively. From covering Quick Center events to reviewing Theatre Fairfield productions and even writing articles as fun as restaurant reviews or book recommendation pieces, this amazing section of The Mirror has allowed me to experience parts of campus life I may never have had the chance to without it.

I have not only gained valuable experience throughout my time working for The Mirror but made incredible friends as well. Hardworking, determined, funny. There are not enough words to describe how much I value the friendships I have made working with The Mirror staff. 

Working for The Mirror has genuinely been one of the best parts of my college career here at Fairfield and I will be forever grateful for the experience it has given and the friendships it has provided. I am no longer the nervous sophomore who waltzed into the office just a few short years ago, not knowing what the future would bring. I have a newfound confidence in my writing. I have a newfound confidence in my editing and design skills. And I have a newfound confidence in my abilities in leadership and organization. I have The Mirror to thank for all this. 

I’m incredibly sad that my time at The Mirror is coming to an end, but I can’t wait to see the amazing work that is to come with the next Mirror staff!


Coming into college during the middle of a pandemic was not something I ever expected—and yet, I’m happy to say that I was still able to make the most of it. 

During my first semester of what felt like strict isolation, I found comfort in joining the campus newspaper, The Fairfield Mirror. I signed up for one pitch weekly in the Vine section and was beyond excited that I was actually getting published whilst receiving support and validation from staff members at the time like Molly Lamendola. During the spring semester of my freshman year, Molly encouraged me to apply for her previous position as the head entertainment editor—a thought that didn’t even cross my mind—and started what I call a long history.

In my four years of working for The Mirror, I contributed to over 70 issues while moving from Head Vine Editor to Copy Editor and finally Executive Editor. I added a double major in Digital Journalism. I published 164 articles! I grew as a writer, interviewer, editor and leader. It is what I believe to be the biggest reason for most of my undergraduate successes—forever friendships, off-campus publications and four internships. 

It feels surreal that my time to reflect on my experience in the office has already caught up to me so fast. And it feels even more surreal that my time as a Fairfield student is following closely behind. 

I love everything about being a Stag. I love Barnyard Manor, Faber Hall and even Regis Hall. I love the film department. I love my Fairfield family. I love every English class I’ve ever taken. I love Sonya Huber and Steph Gallo. I love the countless opportunities that are at my fingertips. I love The Fairfield Mirror. 

I could not be happier that my 17-year-old self chose this school. 

I’ll never be able to express my gratitude for the previous staff members who pushed me to climb the ladder, my current coworkers who always helped me whenever needed and our phenomenal advisors—Tommy Xie and Matthew Tullis—who constantly provided encouragement and helpful constructive criticism. So, I’ll share a simple thank you instead. 

And, of course, thank you to all of the brilliant and hardworking underclassmen who are involved in any aspect of this extraordinary paper—you are this publication’s future, and don’t you forget it. But also make sure to soak up every day … it goes by before you know it. 


I can’t believe it’s been four years. It doesn’t seem like that long, now that I look back. 

I want to thank The Mirror for being a provider of immense opportunity for me. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who has believed in me along the way and who helped me get to where I am today. The Mirror has helped me develop connections with alumni, network and even find internships. Our advisors throughout the years have been some of the best resources for us as a staff, always giving us guidance and pushing us to be our best. The valuable experience I gained with this newspaper is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

There have been ups and downs, but such is life. I have learned so much along the way; I’ve learned how to pick myself back up when I make a mistake, I’ve learned how to lead as best I can, and most importantly, I’ve learned how to ensure each page is in CMYK print (just kidding). 

Though I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to do at the very beginning, I still feel as though the 2023 Mirror Staff has made a formidable mark around campus and the greater community. We covered the pressing issues in great depth, uplifted various voices around our community, and kept students informed. And for that, I am extremely proud and grateful to be part of such an amazing group. 

My message to future staff members of The Mirror, whether it is one year from now or 10, I urge you to never take the time for granted. If you’re a part of The Mirror, you’re a part of a group much bigger than yourself; you have the most powerful position on campus to bring equity and fairness to all. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible, hardworking staff that helps put this paper together every single week, our contributing writers, our readers, and everyone who supports The Mirror on our amazing campus. We literally could not do any of this without you. 

To the next Mirror staff, I know you will be in amazing hands and I know that everything will go smoothly. The job is not easy but it is quite possibly the most rewarding thing you can do here at Fairfield, and I know you all are going to be incredibly skillful at it. I’ll be cheering you all on and reading every single week! GOOD LUCK to you all!

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