If you’re reading this on the day of publication, happy National Pizza Day! I know that I will personally be rushing to the Levee to grab a few slices myself to celebrate the wonderful occasion.

While there are obviously other options around the town of Fairfield for pizza, there is no better option for a Fairfield University student than making a quick trip to the Levee to get some. With a whole bunch of factors like its convenient location and amazing taste, The Levee shines as the best pizza for Fairfield students.

The Levee makes a pie that could be mostly associated with the common definition of a New York slice; the difference from other types of pizza comes mainly in the crust. Chicago style pizza has a deeper and doughier texture, whereas New Haven focuses on the charred edges of the crust for an amazing smoky taste. Regardless of your preference, The Levee brings in the best of every style.

My favorite part of The Levee’s pizza is, as you could probably predict, their crust. It’s doughy and super fluffy, but still has a ton of flavor; this is exactly what I am looking for in a good slice of pizza. It makes it easy to eat the whole slice of pizza instead of leaving the over-crunchy crust to the side. 

The cheese and sauce, however, are also stars, which are both the perfect amount of melty but also hold together well. Whenever I’m getting their pizza, I always ask for a side of ranch to dip my pizza in. But I digress; my pizza-eating habits are a hot take for another time.

The toppings and variety are extremely unique, as well; just this year, they included a specialty item called “Taco Pizza”. Other offerings include chicken and broccoli pizza and even barbeque chicken pizza, alongside the usual bacon, sausage and meatball toppings you can find elsewhere. 

Another amazing point to raise about their pizza is the convenience of your entire trip – it is probably the least hassle I have ever had to go through to get pizza. If you’re using a meal swipe, you can get yourself two slices of any topping pizza and a side salad with a drink. This, to me, is an insanely good deal, and for the quality of the pizza you’re truly getting the bang for your buck that you might be looking for.

The Levee sits atop a small hill in between some trees, with its entrance right off of Lynch Road. Its location right around the center of campus makes it extremely accessible to Fairfield students who are looking for a comforting bite to eat outside of the Tully Dining Commons. Whether you’re a first-year student living in the Quad, a sophomore living in the Village or especially a junior living up at the townhouses, The Levee’s amazing pizza is probably less than a ten minute walk away.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not using this article to attack other pizza places around the town of Fairfield- in fact I don’t think there’s a bad one. However, The Levee’s pie has quickly risen to my favorite in the area, and if you haven’t tried it, I urge you to because I think it’ll become your favorite as well.

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