Hello, Stags! Today for my unpopular opinion, we are going to discuss a topic that I get made fun of by my friends quite often, which is that pineapple in fact does belong on pizza. 

I get made fun of for this one all of the time (especially by my Italian friends). In all honesty, it is my go-to order when it comes to pizza. I grew up eating it, thanks to my English grandparents who absolutely loved it. I love the combination of the sauce, cheese, salt of the ham, and then the sweetness of the pineapple bringing it all together!

I did a poll several weeks ago for some of my friends on if pineapple belongs on pizza, and I was genuinely surprised at some of their responses. I would say about half of them said yes, they love it too, and the other half essentially asked what was wrong with me for liking it. 

Once posting my survey on my private Snapchat story, after getting into an argument with one of my close guy friends about the matter, there were about 45 responses that came in. 

Some of my Italian friends agreed with me, and as I said earlier, some asked what was wrong with me. Overall, it was a fun little experiment to see just how unpopular this opinion of mine was. 

Since doing that experiment, now whenever I order pizza with my friends they all immediately either laugh when I order it, get some as well, or make fun of me. While I can see why it is not a common type of pizza, it’s still superior in my opinion. 

There are “normal” pizza combinations that I don’t like whatsoever that I don’t make fun of others for liking. I think that because this pizza combination is so highly debated, however, it draws much more attention to itself whenever someone orders it. 

I have a food allergy on top of this, and gluten-free pizza in general is usually not that good. I have had to experiment a lot with different restaurants in Fairfield and at home to see which has the best options. 

After much trial and error, the gluten-free crust from Domino’s Pizza is shockingly one of the best I have found. And on top of having to deal with being gluten-free, in order to make it taste better overall there simply has to be toppings on it. I love multiple toppings, and the salty and sweet combination that pineapple and ham on pizza brings is just unmatched. 

I hope that at least some of my fellow classmates can relate to this unpopular opinion of mine, or at least decide to give it a try after reading this. I’m a firm believer that unless you have tried something and don’t like it, you can’t judge it or say you hate it since you’ve never experienced it. 

I urge anyone who hasn’t tried it to at least give it a shot – you might be pleasantly surprised! 

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