For those who love Taylor Swift, you may be overjoyed that the singer took home two Grammys this year, but the rest of the world has few good things to say about her achievements. 

Swift had a banner year with her Eras Tour, the release of “Speak Now Taylor’s Version” and “1989 Taylor’s Version”, and the release of her new movie documenting the Eras Tour. She was nominated for six Grammys: Record of the Year for her song “Anti-Hero,” Album of the Year for “Midnights,” Song of the Year for “Anti-Hero,” Best Pop Vocal Album for “Midnights,” Producer of the Year Non-Classical for “Anti-Hero,” Best Pop Solo Performance for “Anti-Hero” and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Karma” ft. Ice Spice. Impressive, to say the least, but with all of these nominations is Swift stealing others’ chances to win a Grammy? Many believe that she is. 

As one of her number-one fans, I’m glad that she’s getting recognized. She has worked extremely hard and the Eras Tour is something no other artist has been able to achieve. However, there are plenty of other artists that deserve the spotlight. Imagine working on an album for years, just to get snubbed by Taylor Swift in every category. 

While Swift only won Album of the Year for “Midnights” and Best Pop Vocal Album for “Midnights”, other artists are starting to find it impossible to keep up with her. 

“Midnights” was a magnificent album, filled with some of my favorite songs, like “Snow on the Beach,” “Midnight Rain,” “Hits Different” and “You’re On Your Own Kid.” I listened to the entire album on repeat for over a year and knew I had to purchase Eras Tour tickets after listening, as did hundreds of thousands of people on TikTok. 

I wholeheartedly believe that she deserved to win Album of the Year for some, but “Anti-Hero” is nowhere near my top favorite song or her best-written song on the album. Many think that her other songs deserved more of a spotlight.

Also, “Karma” ft. Ice Spice received a great deal of backlash on social media when first released. Many claimed to love Karma without Ice Spice’s contribution, as she did not add much to the song at all and detracted from Swift’s lyricism. 

Joe Aeschliman, a Northeastern student, even posted on his Instagram that “Ice Spice and Taylor was unpleasant to the audible palate”. 

Thousands of others echoed that sentiment, so many were confused why it was nominated for a Grammy, stealing a nomination from other more deserving songs.  

Furthermore, millions of Taylor Swift fans and Grammys watchers are outraged by the way she conducted herself at the awards show. When presented with the Grammy for Album of the Year, Swift did not acknowledge Celine Dion, the presenter. This has sparked a great deal of controversy. Most celebrities take time to first acknowledge their presenter, especially if they are such a musical icon, like Dion. 

Finally, fans flocked to TikTok to express outrage over Swift’s decision to bring Lana del Ray on the stage when accepting her award for Best Pop Vocal Album for “Midnights”. 

Mariel Darling, a famous singer and TikToker stated that she “cringed so hard” and others were reportedly upset because Lana del Rey looked extremely uncomfortable being “dragged” onto the stage. 

Lana del Rey was nominated for the same category so it is understandable that she would be uncomfortable standing on stage while her friend accepted the award.

Finally, Swift announced a new album at the Grammys: “The Tortured Poets Department.” Many were expecting “Reputation Taylor’s Version”, both upsetting and exciting fans. However, this announcement feels like it may have just overshadowed the achievements of all of the other Grammy nominees and winners. 

While Swift has more than 200 million fans, many are upset at her recent behavior and music connoisseurs are tired of her immense presence in the award show realm. This begs the question, is Swift ruining the music industry? Or is she the music industry?

Regardless of your belief, she is a formidable artist with immense talent.

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