Voting in one’s first presidential election is a big step for the American citizen. As someone who was uneducated in the world of politics, I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could for the 2016 Presidential Election. I wanted to be able to form my own opinion on each candidate and develop my own political views, rather than adopting the views of my parents. The coverage for the election was overwhelming. Whether it’s been about Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation or Donald Trump’s comments getting him in trouble yet again, the election was far from normal. Although there were constant complaints from millennials — due to our right to finally vote, yet with limited options available —, I’m glad that I can finally exercise my right, especially in a controversial election.

I’ve become aware that making a decision on which candidate to vote for is difficult. Due to continuous scandals, I didn’t know what to believe in terms of each candidate. A candidate under investigation by the FBI seemed outrageous to me while a candidate who was blatantly rude seemed uneasy. Instead of focusing on the scandals, I decided to base my vote on the policies of each candidate. Although Trump’s antics were cast in a negative light, he at least is making his opinions known. Instead of having to unearth emails, as in Clinton’s case, Trump makes his point of view clear to the public. Isn’t it better to have a president who speaks their mind rather than someone who tries to hide their wrongdoings?

Of course, Clinton is not the only one accused of transgressions; Trump has also had alleged transgressions. However, although he is labeled as sexist, he does not show it in regards to his company. The Washington Post compiled an article that included comments from many of Trump’s female employees, including his current assistant and Senior Vice President Rhona Graff, Assistant General Counsel Jill Martin and Vice President of Human Resources for Trump Hotel Collection Deirdre Rosen. The women stated how Trump has given them equal opportunities to put their skills to work and advance their careers. Not only is that comforting to know, but the fact that Trump has a daughter could also be a comforting aspect. No father would want to raise their daughter with a sexist mindset; Trump would want his daughter to have equal rights and opportunities to that of men.

Instead of fretting over the controversial nature of the election, it’s better to get straight to the facts. Researching the aforementioned information is how I became more educated and confident in my decision on who I should cast my vote for. Whatever the outcome is, at least I can say that I exercised my right to vote in the best manner possible.

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