One of the perks of being a Fairfield University student is enjoying everything that our lively college town has to offer. From fancy Italian restaurants to consignment shops, Downtown Fairfield has it all. Taking trips downtown always provides a fun and relaxing break from the daily grind of school and classwork. 

For me, visiting downtown Fairfield always includes a visit to Las Vetas Lounge. This quirky and unique coffee shop is without a doubt my favorite spot in town. Visiting Las Vetas never fails to lift my spirits. Conveniently located between the Sacred Heart Community Theater and Playa Bowls, Las Vetas is in the perfect spot for students to pop in and grab a coffee. 

What makes Las Vetas stand out from all other coffee shops is the decor. Neon signs, colorful posters and quotes painted on the walls are what give Las Vetas a homey feel. There is barely any wall space that isn’t occupied by some kind of art. Mugs hang from the ceiling and line the perimeter of the coffee shop. These mugs always felt like a nice personal touch to me, since each one has a different pattern and design. The overall decor in Las Vetas is quite random–an assortment of things that I never would think to display in a coffee shop–but somehow it works perfectly to give Las Vetas its distinctive character. Each small detail that goes into the atmosphere brings this local spot to life and is why I keep coming back.

Along with the unique aura, the food and drinks at Las Vetas are definitely worth stopping by for. As a coffee lover myself, my standards are quite high when it comes to a classic iced coffee. Las Vetas has never disappointed. Las Vetas has all the options that any coffee lover would need–espresso, lattes, cappuccinos–you name it! They also have many flavors to choose from, and even some specialty flavors as well. One of my personal favorites is “the Turtle,” which is a hot or iced coffee with caramel and mocha flavoring. Another specialty of theirs is the raspberry and white chocolate mocha latte that I am dying to try, along with the Nutella hot chocolate. If you’re not a coffee person, no worries! An abundance of smoothies, shakes, juices and teas are also offered for those who aren’t in the caffeine mood.  

Along with my drink of choice, I am always sure to grab a bite to eat. My go-to meal at Las Vetas is always a breakfast sandwich or french toast. Their breakfast menu provides many options of quality food that have a home-cooked feel which is huge for us college students. Along with breakfast sandwiches and french toast, their breakfast menu offers bagels, muffins, coffee cakes, pancakes and omelets, just to name a few! If you’re not in the breakfast mood, Las Vetas has you covered with a lunch menu as well. Although I’ve never personally tried their lunch, they have many different sandwiches, grilled cheeses and quesadillas that I will be sure to try on my next visit. 

One of the best things about the food and drinks at Las Vetas is the prices. On average I spend ten dollars on a meal and a medium iced coffee, not including tip. These prices are very reasonable and completely worth it to get a quality meal and delicious coffee in a vibey environment. I don’t justify spending money on many things, but I will always drop a few bucks on a visit to Las Vetas. 

Once I have my coffee and breakfast sandwich I always whip out my laptop to grind away at some work. Las Vetas is such a productive environment, as it is usually filled with fellow students or Fairfield residents who are zoned in on their own work as well. Typing away on my laptop as I sip my coffee and sit in one of the colorful chairs by the window never fails to make me feel like the main character. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows at the front of the coffee shop definitely set this vibe, as the sunlight streaming in gives off warm and encouraging energy. This coffee shop is the perfect place to chip away at an essay, read a book or casually respond to some emails. No matter what kind of work I have on my plate, I always feel ten times more productive in Las Vetas. 

Out of all the places in Fairfield, it’s no wonder why Las Vetas takes my number one spot. The homey atmosphere and quality food and drinks make it a destination for any Fairfield student’s bucket list. No matter how many coffee shops I encounter, none of them match up to Las Vetas Lounge. If you’re ever looking for a new study spot or change of scenery, I promise you that Las Vetas is a game changer! 

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Jacqui is an English: Creative Writing major in Fairfield University's class of 2025

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