Dear Fairfield community,

The faculty of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts vehemently disagrees with the stance of our University’s executive leadership concerning the recent removal of the Black Lives Matter sign. Indeed, the VPA faculty lives the mission of our institution, knowing that our values and actions speak louder than words. As artists and scholars, we build empathy, celebrate diversity and human dignity, and seek to discover fundamental truths. We use our innovative curriculum and arts events to explore our common humanity.

Despite the recent words from Dr. Nemec, we will continue to use the arts to reconsider outmoded beliefs and practices. We employ our creativity and open-mindedness as we nurture empathy and global citizenship, protest injustice, and empower all humans. We stand in solidarity with all members of the University community who strive to make Fairfield a more welcoming, more dignified, more respectful institution.

Black Lives Matter.


Department of Visual and Performing Arts:

Marice Rose, Chair

Suzanne Chamlin-Richer

Philip Eliasoph

Rob Hardy

Martha S. LoMonaco

Julie Leavitt Learson

Meryl O’Connor

Lynne Porter

Katherine Schwab

Brian Torff

Jo Yarrington


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