Dear Class of 2024,

Welcome to Fairfield University! During your time here as a Stag you will meet remarkable professors, make lifelong friends and grow into the best version of yourself. I implore you to make the most of this unique opportunity and take advantage of all that Fairfield has to offer. Doing so will surely require you to explore a realm outside of your comfort zone, but I can assure you that in pushing your personal boundaries, you will develop in innumerable ways! One final piece of advice I have for you, first-years, is to remember that your time here is limited. Go to a basketball game, even if you aren’t a huge fan of sports. Introduce yourself to people on your floor, even if you may be a little bit shy. Join a new club, even if you don’t know anyone who will sign up with you. Very rarely in life do you get a clean slate- a chance to start from scratch. I trust that you were chosen to be a part of this community for a reason, and I am so excited to see what the Class of 2024 has to offer. See you in the fall!

Julia – Sports/Executive Editor

The first thing I want to say to you is congratulations! You have not only graduated high school, but you have made an AMAZING choice for the next four years. I know this may not have been the start to college that you imagined, but I promise the next four years will be some of the best. I have made friends and memories here at Fairfield that I will hold on to for the rest of my life. There are so many things for you to look forward to at Fairfield. There will be late nights and early mornings in the Tully, where you will laugh for hours and occasionally cry in public when you miss your mom (don’t worry, your friends will be there to wipe your tears and shield your face from passersby). There will be intramural sports games like kickball where you will get weirdly competitive even though you aren’t that good, but it will be so fun anyway. If you are like me, you will join clubs and meet some of your favorite people at those meetings. Some of my favorite times are spent with us all talking at once on a Tuesday night in The Mirror staff office about which Hollywood Chris is the best looking (come check us out when you get on campus in the fall!) and singing my heart out in the Gonzaga Auditorium for Glee rehearsals. There will be movie nights, shower singalongs, birthday dinners out in town, days at the beach, study parties with only a little studying and so much more. I am so excited for you and for all you are about to experience. So once again congrats baby Stags and welcome home!

Sheila – Managing Editor

Welcome to the herd! Congratulations on becoming the newest Stags at Fairfield! I hope you are all super proud of yourselves for getting here and are also super excited to be students here at Fairfield U. As a rising senior, I can’t help but reflect back on my time as a first-year student when I was in your shoes, awaiting the best four years of my life. I am telling you now at the beginning of your time here, before it’s too late, to make the best of every moment you have here. If you decide that you want to join a cool club, go workout at the RecPlex, take a class that you might be interested in or come write for The Mirror…then go for it! Don’t hesitate to do what you want to do during the time that you have here. Trust me when I say that it goes by SO FAST and the worst thing you can do is deny those desires and regret it later on. College is a once in a lifetime experience that you have before you move on into the “real world,” so don’t let it pass you by. I think that’s the best advice that I can give you all as you prepare for this transition. Other than that, I also want to urge you all to work hard. I know that you’ve probably been working hard your entire lives to get here, but keep it up because all of that hard work will pay off and take you far, maybe even take you to places you never imagined you would go. Leap out of those comfort zones and embrace all of the amazing things that you will find, like new passions, new friends and maybe even a new path for yourself that you want to take. I have always believed that college is a time to truly get to know yourself. You will encounter many situations that will challenge you, empower you and help you grow, so embrace those situations and see where you go. Good luck with the start of your college careers and I will see you all on campus soon!

Catherine – Editor in Chief


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