Happy Pride, Fairfield!


Pride means different things to different people. Many modern June celebrations are rooted in a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, when a group of defiant LGBTQ activists fought back against police harassment. That sense of defiance has ebbed and flowed over the decades, as our diverse LGBTQ community has confronted the question of what it means to be proud. Is the goal of acceptance one in which LGBTQ people are assimilated into mainstream culture, or does the movement necessarily represent a counter-culture, an intentional effort to not fit in, to celebrate who we are, rather than who we are not? Equality certainly does not have to mean losing the things that make us different and unique.


But not everyone is ready for a discussion about the appropriate level of conformity at Pride. Some of us are navigating quieter, more personal journeys related to gender identity and sexual orientation. Is it safe to come out of the closet? Will our family and friends accept us? Do we need to look, act, dress or talk a certain way to find our place within the larger LGBTQ community? Of course, there is no one correct way to be queer. The trailblazing politician Harvey Milk once said that “coming out is the most political thing you can do,” but coming out looks a little different for each of us. There is no blueprint. Take your time, and be true to yourself.


Here at Fairfield University, we have students at every point of that rainbow spectrum. Some are still quietly understanding their identity, while some are able to be more open and visible. Wherever you find yourself on your journey, we, the undersigned, want you to know that we support you. We celebrate you. We hope our visibility on campus as proud LGBTQ faculty and staff members reminds you that there is a world of love for you right here at Fairfield.


Happy Pride!




Members of the LGBTQ Faculty & Staff Affinity Group (in alphabetical order):


Benjamin Bayers (he/him)

Assistant Director

Office of Undergraduate Admission


Paul Baginski (he/him)

Associate Professor



Niall Brennan

Assistant Professor



Michael A. Ciavaglia ‘04

Adjunct Faculty, Music History 

Studio Instructor, Voice


Yifeng Fan

Assistant Professor



Michael Flatto (he/they)

Assistant Registrar

Office of the Registrar


Johanna X. K. Garvey (she/her)

Associate Professor, English

Director, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies


Kimberly Gunter

Director of Core Writing & Writing Across the Curriculum 

Associate Professor of English


Erica Hartwell (she/her)

Associate Professor

Marriage & Family Therapy


Colin Hosten (he/him)

Adjunct Professor



Sonya Huber (she/her)




Nick Kapoor (he/him)




Steven Kozlowski (he/him)

Assistant Professor



Anne Murray

Associate Head Coach

Women’s Lacrosse

Athletic Department


Kevin Molloy (he/him)

Adjunct Faculty

Religious Studies


Sally O’Driscoll




Lynne Porter (she/her)




Walter Rankin (he/him)

Vice Provost for Graduate, Continuing & Professional Studies 

Professor, Modern Languages Literatures 


Jillian Smith-Carpenter (she/her)

Associate Professor 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 


Aaron Van Dyke

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 


Brian Walker




Tiffany Wilgar

Assistant Professor of the Practice, English

Assistant Director of Core Writing

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