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As I read the well-written letter to the editor by James O’Brien ’09 regarding the Boston archdiocese’s opposition to homosexual couples adopting children, it struck me that the Church is clearly correct in this matter, and I just want to point out to Mr. O’Brien (and others) that the Church’s position is primarily governed by the well-being of the child.  Too often in the debates on homosexuals, we forget that we are not alive primarily for our own benefit, but for the benefit of others.

Every person has a mother and a father.  Although I haven’t asked Him, I assume God designed it this way for a reason.  Creation is not random and haphazard.  Very few, if any people who are raised by their mother and father would be indifferent about having been raised by two mothers or two fathers (why not three mothers or three fathers?).

To allow homosexual men to adopt children would be a disservice to the child.

The Church loves all people, homosexuals included.  It is that very love that drives its teaching on same-sex marriage and adoption.


 Michael S. Guarnieri ’84

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