To the Editor:

Ernest Hemingway. Mark Twain. R.L. Stine. Daniel McClorey. These men are some of the greatest authors of literature, who have entertained us with their masterpieces and caused us to ponder the deeper meaning of why we are all here in God’s beautiful earth. All of these men, though extremely talented with the pen, have faced controversy at some point during their illustrious careers.

Most recently, Mr. McClorey has been the target of abuse and slander for his wonderfully entertaining words in the He-Said column of The Mirror. Furthermore, this harsh criticism has come from people who, quite frankly, should have nothing to do with The Mirror, its content, or the words and tone its authors’ use.

If The Mirror is truly an “independent student newspaper,” then no ultra-conservative faculty member or administrator should have any right in removing what is rightfully the students’.

And as for the complaints from the parents and alumni of the content being “distasteful” and “controversial,” they really need to look themselves in the mirror (no pun intended) and ask themselves why they are reading a newspaper intended for the college student demographic. If they want to hear something controversial and distasteful, give me a call on a weekend night and I’ll teach them a few of my Saturday night words.

The truth is the He Said/She Said part of The Mirror is arguably the most entertaining section of our weekly newspaper and if these smug individuals get it pulled then it will be a tragedy of mega proportion.

Since I’ve been here, I can honestly say that this is the one section I look forward to reading every Thursday, and this year we may have the best He-Said columnist of our time. His writing is the best thing to come out since the screenplay for “Brokeback Mountain.”

These arrogant, stuck-up alumni and faculty have already destroyed many of our Fairfield traditions. Stand up and voice your approval for Mr. McClorey and don’t let these whiny babies kill the legend that is our He-Said column.


David Frattura ’07

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