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I am writing, in complete disgust, a response to the recent Mirror article “Sodexho Fires, Rehires Two After Urinating In Storeroom.” I am appalled something like this would happen in the first place, but to rehire those who committed the repulsive act is awful. Overall, Sodexho’s relationship with Fairfield University has been a good one, but an event like this completely defaces and hurts the Sodexho name, and turns students like me away from Sodexho Services. Since Sodexho is the main provider of meals for Fairfield University students, faculty and staff, they have an ethical obligation to provide the students with safe, sanitary meals. I agree with the quote, “If someone is too lazy to find and use a bathroom, don’t you think they will be too lazy to wash their hands after going to the bathroom?” Even if the act wasn’t committed out of laziness, it is completely disrespectful and there is no doubt the person would be just as careless to not wash his hands regardless of sanitary policies. Though I may not know the whole story, it does not seem like Sodexho managers or Student Services are very likely to talk about the issue, nor are they keeping the student’s best interest in mind by rehiring the fired employees. It doesn’t matter if Sodexho treats those disrespectful employees well because those disrespectful employees are not treating Fairfield University or its student body well, and this is the main issue. I believe the decision to rehire those employees is not “improving the quality of everyday life” around Fairfield University, a quote taken directly from the Sodexho website. Sodexho should find other employees willing to respect Fairfield University. An event like this makes me, and hopefully others, think twice about renewing any meal plan next year; goodbye Stag and BCC dining, hello StagBucks and Mike’s Pizza.

Sincerely, Janelle Buckley ’06

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