It is too easy to rush to judgment and get caught up in the salacious details of the allegations. As part of the Fairfield community, can we instead stop and honestly pray for Doug and the children of Haiti? If he is indeed guilty, let us pray for healing of whatever instigated these atrocious acts. Let us pray for healing for the children of Pierre Toussaint who have been abused. And, let us not forget the rest of the children of Pierre Toussaint who now have no home to go to.

-‘Kathy FU alum’ responding to Sept. 23 article “Fairfield alum indicted for child abuse: Former commencement speaker Doug Perlitz ’92 led mission in Haiti” by Meghan Schelzi.

When asked by The Mirror to clarify her remarks, Sudhakar said, “Prior to the arrest of Mr. Perlitz, the University was not aware of a criminal investigation. Fairfield officials learned about a year ago that the Project’s Board of Directors had removed Mr. Perlitz as the Project’s Director following their investigation.”

Translation: we knew about allegations, we just didn’t know the police knew. . .

-David Clohessy, National Director, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) responding to Sept. 23 article “Did the University try to cover up Perlitz allegations?” by Chris Simmons.

Fairfield should come clean regarding Father Carrier. From too much painful past experience of others, they should realize that a cover-up is an act of cowardice serving only to corrupt the reputation of Jesuits who really are committed to social justice and the protection of the innocent.

I hope that they haven’t hidden Father Carrier in the same cave as Cardinal Law. No, I’m not going to apologize for being sarcastic. With sarcasm you are getting off easy…

-‘Frannie Derm’ responding to Sept. 23 article, “Who’s who in the Perlitz scandal” by Chris Simmons.

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