Famed American composer Lin-Manuel Miranda sparked headlines on Oct. 23 after announcing that he will travel to Puerto Rico to reprise his role as Alexander Hamilton in an effort to raise funds for Hurricane Maria relief. On Sept. 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by category five Hurricane Maria that impacted millions of people and leaving them without running water, alongside nearly 3,000 lives lost. While various hurricane relief efforts have been implemented to help relieve Puerto Rico of the devastation, Miranda decided, for the first time since leaving the original cast, to once again play Alexander Hamilton for a limited time.

For these special performances, most tickets will be sold at $10, however, in an effort to raise more funds, there will also be chances for audience-goers to purchase tickets at higher prices. Although Miranda plans to reprise his role from Jan. 8 to Jan. 27, he has also launched The Flamboyan Arts Fund as a way to help “strengthen the arts community and preserve cultural connections in Puerto Rico.” The limited-time 24 performances, and all income generated from the arts fund, will reportedly go directly to Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Although this is not the first instance of celebrities advocating for areas struck by devastation, Miranda’s performances and relief fund marks a relieving sense of happiness that is lost in mainstream media. For months, the media has been consumed by devastation, ranging from that of Hurricane Maria, to school shootings and immigrant-family separation in the United States. However, Miranda’s actions bring forth a greater light and sense of kindness that the media has been lacking for a while.

Each celebrity has been granted a global platform that not only allows them to bring publicity towards their music or movies, but grants them the opportunity to raise awareness for charities near to their hearts. Miranda exemplifies using his platform to benefit those less fortunate than others, specifically those who have been devastated by one of the most impactful hurricanes in history. Aside from his ongoing efforts to support the arts of Puerto Rico, it was recently announced that Miranda is assisting with a partnership between Puerto Rico and New York. Under this partnership, the marketing firm New York & Company joined Discover Puerto Rico to create advertisements attracting individuals to travel between the two areas. This alliance marks the first connection between the two communities, reminding everyone that, “Famous Original, New York City. Always here for you.”  

Regardless of how influential an individual is, or how wealthy they may be, it does not take much effort to be kind to one another, especially to those less fortunate than others. Miranda is not travelling to Puerto Rico because he feels obligated to. He is not there to promote his show, or better his reputation. Rather, he is performing out of the kindness of his heart. In a climate marked by ruin, it is inspirational to have a celebrity epitomize the kindness and selfless caring that many should strive for. Around the world, everyone needs to take a note from Miranda: kindness can heal.

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