The recent iteration of the annual March for Life on Jan. 22 reminded me of just how unfairly the media routinely treats these marchers, particularly in contrast to movements that more closely flatter their unspoken political preferences. The Women’s March on Washington in 2017, for example, garnered 129 times as much coverage from explicitly non-partisan news outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC) as the March for Life, despite similar crowd size, according to the Media Research Center.

Consider that for a moment.

It’s undeniable: the self-proclaimed arbiters of balls and strikes in the non-partisan news industry are not in the business of delivering you the unfiltered truth at all. They are, instead, in the business of forwarding a caricatured picture of reality – one that suits their ends as covert progressive activists. Period. There is no alternative explanation to such a profound imbalance.

This happens every single time something politically inopportune happens for Democrats – the explicitly non-partisan media goes absolutely silent, playing the role of public relations officer for progressive interests. And it isn’t just my hypothesis – studies and reams of data show conclusively that the instinctual loyalties of the press are profoundly lopsided. According to the Center for Public Integrity, 96 percent of media political donations went toward Hillary Clinton in 2016.  A study by professors Lars Weaver and David H. Wilnat at the University of Indiana found that just seven percent of journalists identify as Republican, and the Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy report that CNN and NBC have reported 13 negative stories for every one positive one about the Trump administration. Pew Research has found that media outlets have been three times as negative in their coverage of President Trump as compared to former President Obama, whose actual scandals were covered up in a cabal of obfuscation.

The only conception of conservatives that media members hold is the hackneyed picture held by progressives everywhere: conservatives are backwards, greedy, and worse yet, mean. It isn’t merely that Republicans have a difference of opinion – they’re objectively wrong. And like good Democrats, the press time and time again show that they think that the ends justify the means.

Consider Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, who botched coverage of the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal in which Crystal Gail Magnum, an African-American woman from North Carolina Central University, accused three white Duke lacrosse players of rape. The accusations were later proven fabricated, but by the time that had come out, the men’s names were already forever tarnished with the stain of a rape accusation. All the while, papers like Thomas’ Newsweek were condemning the young men and stoking the flames of race hatred about the supposedly emblematic nature of white men degrading women of color. In an interview after the revelation of the men’s innocence, Thomas offered the following pathetic bit: “the narrative was right, but the facts were wrong.” Consider that – the narrative was right, namely that white men systematically aggrieve black women, but the facts were wrong. If a few men have to suffer reputational degradation in pursuit of this narrative, so be it – the narrative trumps all.

If the Trump election has done anything, it has lifted the veneer of explicitly non-partisan media objectivity to the point where these folks reveal themselves for what they are: advocates, not journalists.

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