One of the most important things that one can do for themselves is engage in self-care. I recently had an amazing self-care experience by having my hair elegantly styled and getting my makeup done for a gala event that I attended last weekend. I have never actually experienced getting my makeup professionally done by someone else before because, for the minimal amount of makeup I usually wear, I always do it myself. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience and I feel all the better for it. I have not gotten dressed up in a very long time; I think the last time I got dressed up was for a wedding back in 2018. 

The feeling of doing something good to make yourself feel better, healthier and happier, especially after going through a stressful time or a time when you haven’t been feeling too great, is one of the best feelings. We often forget to use these times to step back, take a breather and do something to give back to ourselves. I know that for me, I often forget to think about myself and what I need because I am so busy getting things done and managing a crazy schedule. Thankfully, self-care has recently become something that I can use in order to pay attention to myself for a bit and make sure that I am doing okay. 

Some of my favorite self-care activities are taking a power nap (which I’m sure is a popular one for many of us college students), painting my nails, doing pore cleansing strips and drinking lots of water to feel refreshed. I honestly think that any activity that allows you to relax for a second and think about yourself and what you need in order to get recentered and feel rejuvenated can be considered self-care. Self-care activities do not only have to fall into a category like beauty, health or relaxation. I believe that self-care is doing anything that brings you joy, and allows you to focus on yourself for a certain amount of time and not worry about anything else. 

As we wrap up midterms (hopefully), things are only going to become more crazy with classes and coursework as we approach the end of the semester, and the school year as a whole. Self-care has never been so important. Even if it seems like your schedule cannot fit anything else into it, and even if it feels like you will never get all of your assignments done in time, just remember that there is always time for self-care because there is always time for you. Even just taking a couple of minutes a day to go for a walk or drink a glass of water can make all the difference in your day and even your whole week! It’s okay to make yourself a priority once in awhile, and it’s even more important to put your health and well-being first. Don’t let the stresses of college get the best of you. Instead, put yourself first, find your favorite self-care activities and treat yourself!


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Catherine is from Pelham, New Hampshire. She loves to write, hang out with friends, watch movies, and is a big Boston Bruins fan.

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  1. Catherine

    Spot on Catherine! I’m so happy you took the initiative to “pamper” yourself. You deserve it. I hope you had a wonderful time at the gala affair. There is no doubt in my mind how beautiful you looked.
    Congratulations on your first article as Junior/Editor-in-Chief/Mirror. So proud!
    Love you bunches!❤️


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