The 140 character president seems to not understand politeness when it comes to any topic or situation. The firing of Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe, who was heavily involved in the Russia investigation by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and prosecuted by Robert Mueller, led president Donald Trump to tweet his frustration against both McCabe and Mueller. On Sunday March 18, President Trump took to Twitter like he does everything else to retaliate, claiming, among other things, that the Mueller Russia investigation was a “WITCH HUNT.”


President Trump has made it no secret that McCabe and his wife are not his favorite people in the world and this has led both Democrats and Republicans to think that this firing was a political payback. McCabe was fired 26 hours prior to his eligibility to a full pension followed by a series of tweets from the President. This sounds like the Trump administration’s pompous attitude has found new ways to baffle the public.


Many people can agree that President Trump is not the most diplomatic president in the history of the United States. However, one thing that rings to me as a much bigger issue is that no one in his entire administration seems to check or screen what the President says or does in public. President Trump seems to think with his mouth open, or in this case with fingers wagging, and we’ve seen patterns of dishonesty and denial as a result.  


I understand that President Trump is a man with a mind of his own, but when it comes to handling certain matters on social media, there must be someone appointed to help him navigate the scene so he does not cause a scandal with every tweet. I find myself worrying about the seriousness of this presidency since most of the frustrations are with the president’s lack of self control. I wonder if his tantrums are meant to distract us from thinking about the pressing issues going on in this nation such as equal rights or issues in the economy.


President Trump is the face we see behind many decisions, most of which have not been the best.  I think the expectation is still that the checks and balances system is there to ensure that not one single person in power abuses it for their own gain. As such, those that are meant to help the President run this country are either not playing that role or that the President is adamant in turning his presidency into a one-man show. Whatever the case is, the president of the United States needs to worry about running this country and not about Twitter feuds.


We need a president whose focus is on unifying the nation, waging war on poverty, creating  employment for the many students who will soon graduate and equality. Not one that throws tantrums every time he doesn’t get his way.  


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