As the academic year comes to an end, another year at The Mirror has come to an end. With this new end, we have seen the development of some amazing staff members that contributed to pushing our boundaries as journalists.

Our Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Jesse Erickson has done wonders for our beloved student newspaper. Not only has she increased our social media presence, but she’s started a race for the best front page. She pushed the limits of the paper by encouraging each of us to be the best editors and writers that we could be while also starting a love affair with infographics. The standards that she set as a boss are hard to beat. We can’t even explain how much we learned from her.

Being stuck in an office for hours on end can create some cabin fever, but the spirits Jesse brought to the environment made it all worthwhile. She brought the office to life when we needed that extra push to get through the night. She was our source of tough love when we needed to be told to get our work done more efficiently. Through her work ethic and strive to be the best, we were inspired to model this.

In regards to another mentor, our Online News Editor and Fashion Columnist Nicole Funaro constantly cared for us and praised us for our hard work. She supported us to be a successful group of journalists in order to create a great issue every week. She also brought new ideas to the table by providing the concepts of Crack in the Mirror and Fairfield in a Flash on a weekly basis. Through her presence, we were able to get a break from our grueling work with a friendly face. And of course, her fashion advice always proved to be on point.

While our editors are vital to the staff, so are the people behind-the-scenes. The newspaper couldn’t function without the work of our Director of Finance Emeritus Stephanie Van Fleet, who seems to always be “on fleek.” Her passion behind maintaining our well-oiled machine showed that she poured herself into making us economically stable. Outside of her work, her humor was always genuine and though she may not have always had much to say, her actions were always very profound.

Lastly, we would love to acknowledge the freshest face of the bunch, our Online Vine Editor Shana Lynch. She helped us grow our presence online and gave us advice on the best Fairfield eats. Not only did she provide Jesse with emotional support as EIC, but she also let us crash her beach house. We appreciated her smiling face whenever we got the opportunity to have her in the office.

Although every year brings a new staff, this past one was something special. One of the best parts of college comes from building relationships and this staff proved to be the best family we could find at Fairfield.

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