Okay so the purpose of college is to…what? To learn. Yes. To develop ever-lasting relationships and all that jazz. Yes. To live independently….um, maybe.

In an effort to restrain from complaining about housing too much (simply because it is redundant at this point), I have decided to take the road less traveled and discuss my life, as a junior, living in the “Kostka/Claver Village,” which is a joke and we all know it. In all fairness, I don’t really mind living in Kostka as an upperclassman. I don’t have to eat endless amounts of easy mac simply because I don’t feel like cooking. And I certainly don’t have to worry about wandering freshmen showing up at my room, asking: “where’s the party at?”

Here’s what I do mind: living such a dependent life. I have about a total of three feet in which to maneuver, causing me to want to spend as little time as possible in my room, except to be with my roommates. I want to be able to live a real, normal life in a real, normal housing situation and let’s face it: dorm living is not real. It’s not something I will ever do again.

And this is what Housing tends to forget. We don’t complain because we want something that everyone else seems to have. We complain because living in dorms as juniors robs us of an essential element of college, which it to teach us how to be grown-ups, how to manage bills and go grocery shopping.

Maybe it’s trivial. Fine. But, hey, we want to play house too.

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