As the semester comes to an end and the pressure of studying for finals and writing papers gets tense, we think it’s important to take a study break and look back at what we’ve learned from the Fall 2010 semester at Fairfield University.  Freshmen have adjusted to living on their own, sophomores have settled into (and maybe resent) their Living and Learning routine, juniors are learning to grow up by remembering to clean their dishes in the Townhouse sinks before the pile gets bigger and seniors are cherishing their last moments and wishing time would slow down.

There are a few important events that have affected each and every one of us as a student body and we can thankfully take the knowledge gained into the final Spring Semester for the 2010-2011 school year.

Four Loko

Starting September’s syllabus month with this carbonated alcohol beverage sure was fun, until that trip to the hospital for a good stomach pumping. These 24 ounces of tasty debauchery were an easy way to prolong the weekend binge drinking but karma justified them with a side of deathly consequences. By Dec. 13, New York Daily News reports the beverage will be off the shelves nationwide.  It was fun while it lasted.

Stags in the Stands

Our Red Sea is growing larger as the boys of Stags in the Stands promote their member rewards through t-shirts, mini basketball hoops and television prizes for game attendance. Yes, if you didn’t already know, as a member of Stags in the Stands you get REWARDED for expanding the fan base at our home field. No you don’t have to paint your body red, you just have to go and have fun at a game. If you haven’t gone to a basketball game yet, you’re in luck because the schedule extends into spring semester and Lacrosse starts up in March.

He Said/She Said

What?! Yes we’re sure you’re either confused or upset that it is back. In wishful thinking that you are neither the former nor the latter because you’ve been reading “His iPhone/Her BlackBerry,” you’ve come to realize that it’s a fun student column that deserves space in each issue as long as we play by the rules. And we’re playing by the rules.

Bill Lucas

Our former vice president for finance and administration sadly passed away this year at 63. Lucas was a 1969 graduate from our campus grounds, devoting a majority of his life to Fairfield University; most importantly he kept our fiscal health strong. We reflect on his kindness and endless care for the university and will continue his passion of keeping memories each time we walk into the LL BCC and look up at Lucas the Stag.

A new year is upon us. Let’s remember the pains of combining alcohol and caffeine and the joys of chanting “Put Kristian in!” Seniors have four months to make the cliché best four years of their life a reality and freshmen still have time to figure out which Living and Learning program houses the most comfortable dorms. Good luck, and bring on January syllabus month!

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