The long-lasting rivalry between Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University has served as a means of some healthy competition in the town of Fairfield, Conn. We’ve gone head-to-head in athletics, location, education and even down to who has better parties. Each school offers something different that appeals to the student.

After coming across an Odyssey article by a SHU student entitled “11 Reasons Sacred Heart University Is Better Than Fairfield U,” we were offended by some of the items on the list. Not only did the article stoop to the level of bringing up the “ghetto party” that was unfortunately held at Fairfield U, but it failed to fact check its accusations. While the ghetto party was a shameful event, college students can fail to make the right and most correct decisions at this age. Since this learning experience, Fairfield has grown together to expand and educate about racial diversity. A series of programs have been implemented to combat an issue that is happening beyond Fairfield U, including our Martin Luther King, Jr. Week activities, open discussions and a course specializing in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

According to U.S News and World Report, Fairfield ranks No. 2 in Regional Universities-North. Our nursing school might have only been rated ninth in 2015 in the northeast, but it’s currently rated as the 10th best nursing school in the entire nation according to College Factual. Tenth best can only get better as the progression for the Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies continues on campus. Not only will our nursing students have a brand new facility, it will feature a $2.5 million Palliative Care Center.

Beyond nursing, Fairfield offers a wide-variety of educational routes for all students in which they can find success. The Dolan School of Business has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. According to AACSB, “AACSB Accreditation is known, worldwide, as the longest standing, most recognized form of specialized/professional accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn.”

In regards to location, Fairfield students have the opportunity to explore downtown Fairfield with a quick ride on our campus shuttle, the Stag Bus, and have a closer proximity to Fairfield Beach, which seniors can reside on. Post Road can entertain someone for an entire week, offering restaurants from Mexican to Italian to Chinese and then dessert.

Although our campus is undergoing construction that impedes upon the beauty, it will provide a more beautiful and updated university in the end. Our gym just underwent a $17.4 million renovation, which only begins to describe the updates being made. In addition, a new residential dorm will be created and a new dining hall, including additions to the existing one.

In terms of transportation, the bigger, the better, right? The StagBus can seat up to 50 students bringing them to key locations in Fairfield like Stop & Shop, the train station, Post Road, Marshall’s and on the weekends, to the mall. Plus, we’ve got the friendliest and most punctual bus drivers around. But even if they are running a little late, we can track our Stag Bus on Google Maps, on the app TransLoc Rider or keep yourself updated with text alerts.

Though we might lack in our offerings of Greek life and a president on Twitter (however, you can find Lucas the Stag on Twitter) we make up for it in lots of different areas.

When it comes to our education, Fairfield has a 78 percent four-year graduation rate according to U.S. News and World Report and we owe it all to the dedicated staff at Fairfield. They’re constantly available and they are always looking to better their students. We’ve had students partner with their professors to perform innovative research projects as well as professors who have single-handedly been responsible for helping their students land their dream jobs.

Though we understand the differences between the two universities, there is no need to write belittling articles to make inaccurate comparisons about the other. Here we stand in defense against the Odyssey article, hoping to bridge together a rift that has been unnecessarily formed. Lucas, our scary Stag, doesn’t like the tension.


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  1. Mark

    Absolutely disgusting! You go on to defend your school by publicly attacking an article. Looks like one thought would be funny. For years there has been rivalries, but it seems your criticism and offense to an article was a bit imature. This is the problem in America. Instead of one being able to express their feelings someone is always there to attack and put someone down making them feel they can’t express themselves.

    • Patrick Kiernan

      Out of everything going on right now, this article is the problem in America?

    • Jay

      So, is it fair to say you’re publicly attacking this article and trying to stifle someone from expressing their feelings by attacking and putting the author down?
      Please tell me you see the irony in your comment…

  2. RT

    It was an article written by a student, and it is a interesting topic. Since there is a rivalry, there is obviously going to be sides and those sides are going to expose the week point of the other. It is no different than anything else, I understand that you are also defending your school, but in the public eye this is not disgusting or disgraceful in anyway. Defend your school, they will defend theirs.


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