The first year of college already has so many stress factors, why add another by feeling the need to pick the “perfect” roommate? 

There are many colleges across the U.S. that allow first-year students to pick their own roommates for the first year of school. Recently, though, there have been many colleges that are deciding to change this policy, like New York University and Duke University, according to an article from Georgetown University.

Fairfield University has been one of the few colleges that has utilized the random roommate process for first-years for a significant amount of time. Some people are not a fan of this rule placed by the University, but on the other hand, many do love this arrangement.

Of course, there are many different circumstances that prevent people from having an enjoyable first-year roommate experience. This isn’t to say that the policy the University has put into place should be changed, it just means that it may not be the best experience for everyone.

I was lucky enough to have been matched up with the most wonderful roommate I could have asked for! Not only is my roommate amazing to live with, but she has also become one of my closest friends! 

The one thing that allows my roommate and I to have such a good living situation is the fact that we aren’t afraid to communicate with each other. We are very open and honest with each other regarding the room and our biggest thing is, “just ask”. 

This policy we have of “just ask” means that we don’t really have many set rules because if one of us needs something or wants people over, we just ask the other person. 

This system has worked well for us thus far because we are also people who have very similar living habits. We both go to bed around the same time and we both wake up early. Most of the time, we aren’t in the room at the same time or even in the room at all. 

I am not the only one who has had a good first-year roommate experience. Another first-year student, Saorise Logan, said, “We are super close. Random roommates really worked out for me and I am very happy with my experience.” 

Many students I know loved their first-year roommate and I think it is something that Fairfield should keep in place. I was very stressed before leaving for college and the one thing that made the transition less stressful was knowing I didn’t have to pick a roommate. 

When you have to pick your own roommate, you might start to overthink your decision. I know many people from other schools who chose their roommate and did not have a good experience. With Fairfield, however, if you have a bad experience with your roommate it isn’t necessarily your fault because you didn’t choose them yourself.

Regardless of the first-year roommate experience for some people being successful or not, the policy that Fairfield has implemented should stay. This is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and to form relationships with people you may not have necessarily been friends with!

College is all about meeting new people and trying different things and experiences. It’s important to learn how to compromise with others and to work on your communication skills. These skills are not only necessary for success in college but success in the real world, too. 

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