At least once a week, students over 21 (and under) must make a decision that will impact the following week. What they will be drinking? In some cases beggars can’t be choosers.

Sometimes we do shots, power hours, funnels, keg stands or just drink what is in front of us. But when money and opportunity present themselves there is a common pattern of’ choice among each gender; choices also progressively gets classier each year.

For those under 21 the journey begins with obtaining the coveted beverage- whether by fake IDs, upperclassmen friends or just trying to look the part, but we some how manage to acquire our drink of choice.

For guys, their beverage of choice, party or pre-game, is beer- the only thing that changes is the quality of the beer by year. Freshmen guys find themselves choosing a 30 of key or Natty, and seeing how much they can drink by themselves, which can be seen by the empty boxes in the bathroom come the next morning.

By sophomore year, guys’ palates have not improved that much.

John Vitale ’11 says, ‘Busch Light is his choice because there is no better cheap beer around.’

Junior year, cheap and easy, is only for when you are throwing parties. Beer begins to become enjoyable at least the for first six of the night, after which the taste doesn’t matter much. Fridges downstairs are stocked with Keystone and Natty but private stashes upstairs house high quality domestic beers.

When senior year comes around, guys are starting the night off with the foreign beer they discovered while studying abroad, but back to keg stands later that night.

Girls at Fairfield like their drinks like they like everything else: easy, carb free and quick to satisfy. Thus, hard liquor is their perfect poison. Freshman year if a girl is paying for her own drink (quite unlikely), they will find themselves paying $20 for the $11 handle of Dubra, Popov, Majorska or Bukoff.

By the time they are living in the Suites the choice of beverage among many females changes to a five liter box of wine as a way to take a break from doing shots. When junior year comes the pre game drink of choice is often tequila or whatever random liquor they ‘love’ once making their appearance at the party they can be found swarming the Jungle juice and gin buckets.

Trish Konefal ’09 said that for senior girls Long Island Iced Teas, for $2 Tuesday nights at The Grape would be her bid, while other seniors said Vodka 180s would be their go to drink.

These are just the trends that seem to appear throughout the vast amounts of different mix drinks, liquors, wines, and beers that are mixed and poured into Fairfield students’ glasses.

The honor of official drink can’t be divided between liquors or beers, but one that is unifying.

It is my opinion that the honor falls onto whatever is flowing on tap down at the Point on a given Saturday.

Whether it is Keystone, Natty or Busch, it does not matter which is filling your solo cup as long as it is being filled. It is the official beer of that weekend ensuring that you have a good time both day and night.

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