I once had a psychic reading done while I was weekending in Portland, Maine about three years ago. I paid $10, and the woman told me I could have my reading be about either the future of my love life or my career. I chose the career option and she told me that she sees great success in a creative and fulfilling field in my future, which was great news. She also told me that it wouldn’t happen for a while, and I would feel pretty underwhelmed for a bit. Now, this information was horrible news. I want to be inspired and passionate about what I do. So, how does one cope with hearing a bad prediction? I could have taken this news in a negative way and wallowed around in my own fear of the future, but I decided to instead use it to keep me present in every moment. When I feel a bit down on myself for not yet reaching my full potential, or not having a post-grad job yet, I tend to freak out. Remembering that $10 I spent years ago, I remind myself that my path may be a bit slower than those around me. I know it sounds a bit crazy reading it back, but her predictions make me hopeful. They give me a wave of calmness that makes me feel that no matter how I’m doing now, I have a future and a path, and it’s all going to be okay. Her predictions also keep me motivated and on the hunt for my next big opportunity. I know I’m supposed to be working in my ideal industry in the near future, so I want to find it ASAP and do everything in my power to get there. It’s a constant reminder that I have something to work for and something for which to look forward to.

Whether you personally believe in horoscopes, psychics, the stars or any of those things, you cannot, and should not, judge those that hold onto those ideologies for a sense of hope. Some people hold onto religion for hope, some people hold onto love for hope, and some people hold onto fortunes. It can be something that centers, calms and focuses people. For them it can mean the world, and for you it can mean nothing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. To my father, religion is everything. But to me, religion has no effect on my life. My opinion doesn’t take away from the impact his religious beliefs have on his life. And the same goes for those that take shelter in the stars. We can’t really prove much of anything when it comes to religion or horoscopes. It all relies on what resonates with each person.

There is no doubt that it is important to believe in something, such as horoscopes or psychics. What would life be without having hopes or dreams, goals or plans? We need things to look forward to and it can be easy to find ideas in predictions. It can feel like someone is holding your hand during the changes in your life. Horoscopes make us more confident in our decisions, giving affirmations that help confirm our feelings. It’s a little whimsical, and even a little magical, but how dull would life be if we didn’t have anything close to magic? It is hard to grasp; the fact that the stars affect our days, or that colorful cards can predict our happiness. But, if it’s too hard for you to grasp, don’t reach out. Find another outlet that resonates with you and find your comfort there.


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