Hello, new Stags. I’m Thomas. People call me Tommy. I like making my opinions known, for some reason. I’m a student here at Fairfield like you will be very soon. Not to sound arrogant but I’ve done a thing or two around campus and can tell you from experience that living here over the summer is such a unique experience. And with that comes a Hot Take: living on campus over the summer is cooler than you think.

Some people would ask themselves: ‘ew, who wants to be at school almost year round?’ I love this school, so me, I suppose!

For some context, I have been a tour ambassador for Fairfield’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions for just under two years now. As an aside, if you loved going on college tours, love talking and presenting, or merely want to show off your beautiful school and meet a bunch of cool people, feel free to join the group!

This summer I was fortunate enough to join the Summer Staff team here in admissions. Basically, I get to live in apartment-style housing on campus sponsored by the office as I work on campus every day of the week.

Now, I’m from Trumbull, Conn., which if anyone is familiar with, it’s really only 15 minutes away on a bad traffic day. I live very close to home and have had the normal, on-campus residential experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, even though I’m close to home, I decided to live on campus for the summer, even though I was given the option to commute. Instead of making the 15 minute drive every day, I instead make the 15 minute walk. It’s so much easier on me, since I don’t have to take out extra time of my day (and extra money for gas as well).

Having your space and your own kitchen to work with is one of the nicer parts about living on campus over the summer, as well. If you’re here living over the whole summer, you’ll be put into apartments like the townhouses or 47 Mahan Road, with access to a kitchen, your own bathroom, your own bedroom and more. It really does make such a difference. If you’re living in a townhouse next school year, it also gives you some time to practice your cooking skills for when you’re truly adulting by yourself (trust me, this is something I’ve needed for a while).

Another way that I have been able to flourish here on campus is the fact that I am working and doing something I love. If an office or group you work for during the regular school year is offering you to stay over the summer and do something you love, I say that it is a no brainer to take them up on the opportunity, because you can gain very valuable experience in doing something you love while also enjoying yourself every day.

The RecPlex is yet another perk that makes summer at Fairfield that much better. During the school year, students know how crowded it can get, but during the summer the space available to students is bountiful. Machines are open, the field house is rarely being used and treadmills galore await your arrival. I didn’t even know it would be open, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out otherwise. The pool is even open, which I have used to cool off multiple times after a long day of working. 

The summer life on campus is not without flaws. I wish I could see my friends from home more, because I’m not going to ask them to drive every day and come hang out with me. My only other wish is that the Tully would be open, but considering I’ve been to the Levee for both breakfast and lunch and been blown away each time, I cannot complain in the slightest about dining. 

If you have the chance to live on campus over the summer for any office or club, I urge you to take them up on it instantly. Although it may seem like an overrated experience, I assure you that the value is unmatched.

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