Category: Attendance Grade: B+ Comments: So far I’ve seen Fr. von Arx speak to the RAs, tour guides and some branches of FUSA. He’s introduced speakers at the Quick Center, and was even the key note speaker at the MLK festivities this past week. Suggestions: Although he’s been seen around campus many more times than Fr. Kelley, (which isn’t a difficult feat to achieve) I still haven’t seen him in the trenches of Fairfield. He’s still learning the ropes, of course, and is tied up in the responsibilities of president, but if casual conversations with this witty and intelligent president occurred every so often, it would do a lot for student spirit and morale.

Category: EffortGrade: A Comments: Every new president, not to mention anyone in a new position, is more often than not a blue-flamer, which is just what this school needs. Fr. von Arx has both made suggestions and been open to suggestions, including suggestions from students. Suggestions: Keep doing what you’re doing

Category: Conduct during controversyGrade: B Comments: Fr. von Arx inherited the NCAA scandal when he accepted the presidency of Fairfield. Since the allegations proved false, it looks great for him, regardless of whether he had anything to do with the proceedings and outcome. Suggestions: This may not be on the same scale as the basketball scandal, but perhaps we could get a little action with the snow plowing to avoid future controversy.

Category: Work HabitsGrade: A- Comments: I am unable to quantify most of Fr. von Arx’s work habits since they mostly take place outside of my realm of knowledge, but kudos for the MLK speech. His convocation address earlier this semester was excellent; it was smart thinking to employ his services again. Suggestions: Get out to The Grape more. All work and no play makes JvA a dull boy.

Category: Social GrowthGrade: B+ Comments: It’s obvious that he’s in the process of moving and shaking Fairfield, but we’ll get a better sense of his social growth at Fairfield in the future. Plans are easy to implement, we need to wait on the social aspect. Suggestions: Reinstitute Clam Jam and observe (if not participate) students in their primal state.

Category: InitiativeGrade: A Comments: I don’t have a feeling for the rest of the student body, but I thought Fr. von Arx’s suggesting that all future commencement speakers be familiar with or a part of Fairfield or the Jesuit tradition was long due. Suggestions: Unless he can reincarnate St. Ignatius Loyola for my commencement speech, I’m not going to offer any other suggestions.

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